What is Writing to Wealth? – Is it Legit or a Scam?

Write to Wealth
What is Writing to Wealth?
What is Writing to Wealth?

Freelance writing can be a challenging gig for different reasons, beginning with the typically low pay rates. Therefore, when a supposedly excellent writing opportunity comes around, you will naturally notice.

On that note, you have probably heard about writing to wealth and you’re wondering whether it lives to it name. In this comprehensive review, we will help you understand what is writing to wealth? – Is it legit or a scam?

What is Writing to Wealth all About?

Launched on the affiliate marketplace in 2018, Writing to Wealth is a Clickbank product that promises you loads of wealth by simply writing short articles during your spare time. The platform promotes the notion that there are numerous writing jobs out there, which are highly lucrative. In their main page, you can browse writing jobs and then claim them. That gives members of writing to wealth a very competitive an edge in the freelance writing market. Their members have opportunities to pick up writing jobs that other people do not have access to.

The people who will pay you for freelance writing jobs include companies and individuals that require help with their websites, blogs and many time to help with their businesses to get more customers.

Signing up for Membership. – No Free Trial!

Writing to Wealth accepts all writers, with or without prior experience. Becoming a member requires you to sign up and pay a total fee of $34. That is pretty cheap, but you can join for only $12 if you accept the discounts when you try to exit the page twice. This is a good trick to get discounts on lots of online business sign-ups?

The process of signing up can be a little time-consuming and in most cases, you will be asked to submit some of your writing samples. Also be aware, you will be competing against different writers of all levels that may have more experience than you. Because you are competing with these other writers, getting work from the platform is not quite as guaranteed as the site claims.

Is Writing to Wealth for You? Click and see.
Is Writing to Wealth for You? Click and see.

Writing to Wealth Member’s Area.

After signing up, you will have access to the Writing to Wealth member’s area where you will find the following help and information:

⇒ The step-by-step getting started guide – It contains 38 pages that cover different crucial topics on writing. The problem I saw with this, is that it is outdated since it is from 2007 and has nothing to do with Writing to Wealth. It simply looks like a PLR eBook.

⇒ View available jobs online – While many writing jobs can be found online for free without this subscription service, the Writing to Wealth database is continually updated and therefore you can find jobs every day and that will save a lot potentially wasted time in doing your own research.

⇒ Writing contests section – The section is one of the best features of Writing to Wealth. It offers poetry contests, book contests and other writing contests where you have the chance to win great prizes. Fun and pretty cool. By doing this you can work on your writing skills to get more freelancing work.

⇒ Join HireWriters.com as a writer– Although Writing to Wealth is a writing platform, they recommend you join HireWriters.com. I personally use HireWriters which is another freelance writing platform that you can join for free without paying Writing to Wealth membership. I really like to products I have received from HireWriters so far. However, HireWriters.com does not pay much for articles, especially to beginners and they have to option to terminate your account for no reason, which I don’t really like. The reason Writing to Wealth wants you to join HireWriters.com is because they are affiliated with them and they do make money by referring people to HireWriters.com. Everyone is trying to make a buck, I guess.

⇒ Articles and tips section – This section contains seven different articles with additional useful tips about freelance writing. But, at the end of every article, Writing to Wealth lists websites that actually may not exist anymore. So, you have to make sure you do your due diligence and check each site out.

⇒ Member’s bonuses – The platform has “bonuses” that are a mixture of software, books, and videos about ways of making money online in various other ways, outside of just writing, including blogging, eBay, Amazon, and domain name flipping.

Writing to Wealth Tools

Writing to wealth has some interesting tools that include:

  • Automatic article writer – This is a platform offering article templates that can act as a guide to writing the articles.
  • WriteSparks! Software – Mostly focused on creative writing, the software is an idea generator.
  • Nick Daws interview – Here members typically have a two-hour long interview with the author of “How to Write ANY Book in 28 Days – Or Less!”
  • MaxType Lite Typing – This mainly a typing tutor for those who may need it.
  • NovelWriter Software – The tool is meant to help you with writing of novels. However, the description does not offer details about how it works.
  • The Writer’s Best Friend – This can allow you to research on Wikipedia and other similar information sites.

Hype Versus Reality.

While Writing to Wealth has some useful tools, it is mainly an over-hyped platform based on the following:

⇒ The False Promises – Claiming that you can earn 325 dollars on a writing job immediately after getting started is a red flag since they make it appear easier than it is. After registering on writing platforms, you will still have minimum or no experience and therefore you can’t expect to claim the high-paying jobs. Moreover, the Writing to Wealth platform makes fake claims in the email swipes they offer for their affiliates. For instance, they can claim that you can make $20 in 10 minutes. In actual sense, registering on the platforms, submitting samples of your work, and applying for jobs will definitely take time and the 10 minutes is very unrealistic.

⇒ One Click Upsells – Writing to Wealth has various one-click upsells. By simply clicking the accept offer button, they will charge you instantly. You have to be careful with such upsells as they do not need you to enter your payment information for them to charge you. Many people lose money this way, without checking out what they are getting with the upsells. Be Careful!

⇒ PLR Products – Most of their bonuses are videos and tutorials about the different ways of making money online. However, they are PRL products and that means the Writing to Wealth owners did not create these products. Not only that, the products contain incredibly out of date information and hence can be found on the internet for free or for very low prices. Do your research online for the offered PLRs.

⇒ It is Easy to Get Lost – The site has a lot of information and there are no training videos explaining what to check out first or what to do step by step. Because of this, you can get lost easily and distracted since you lack directions. There are even some links that are broken or not found, which makes it even more confusing and misleading.


Misleading Offers.

Writing to Wealth has various offers that make it very tempting to join including:

  • “No experience needed to join.”
  • “Start earning money today.”
  • “Earn an excellent income.”
  • “Set your own hours.”

All this is excellent because it seems like anybody can do it and make a living without doing much work. As with many possible scams, Writing to wealth is simply telling you what you want to hear. They are very good at marketing.

Awesome Writers.
Awesome Writers.

False Sense of Scarcity of Freelance Writers.


Writing to Wealth has job offers and discounts that they claim are available for today only. The platform will have a job offer like “companies need writers in Canada”. First, regardless of where you are, the page will detect your location and will say that writers in your country are needed. However, they tell you that if you exit the page, you will lose the offer. But in reality, you can exit the page as many times as you want and still come back and find the same offer. The truth is that they tend to make the claim that it is only available today to make you purchase it as fast as possible.

No Information on Who is Behind the Platform:(

Whenever you come across money-making websites or products, it is essential to know who has created it. That can help you to determine if it is trustworthy. Writing to Wealth does not mention names or pictures behind the platform and that can be a huge red flag.

The Pluses and Minuses of Writing to Wealth.

The pros:

  • It has a low signup fee.
  • Offers an extensive list of viable jobs that appear to be up to date.
  • It has a 60-day money back guarantee.

The cons:

  • Misleading promises with unrealistic claims.
  • There is no legitimate training on how to write online.
  • No SEO training provided, which is critical to websites and blogs.
  • Not adequate training on how to write for different platforms.
  • You don’t easily get jobs, you have to apply for them and that can take days if not weeks for a job application approval. You may  have to wait for a very long time to be hired.

The Takeaway – Not on My Recommended Freelance Writer List.

Writing to Wealth isn’t exactly a scam. Nevertheless, it is about as borderline as you can feasibly get without plodding on the scam territory. It does offer some value for your money and their database might save you some research while looking for writing jobs. However, it is undeniable that they are misleading you on the amount of value that is actually offered. They will lead you to believe that you will easily land the high-paying jobs by becoming a member, which is not true.

There could be some value here, but it is not on my recommended list of freelance writing opportunities.

I would recommend HireWriters.com, Fiverr or Upwork. I have used all three and they all have some very good writers.


I highly Recommend These Writers. I use Them a Lot.
I highly Recommend These Writers. I use Them a Lot.

6 thoughts on “What is Writing to Wealth? – Is it Legit or a Scam?

  1. Any platform that offer outrageous promises or overhype their services is likely to fall in the borderline of scam. I’m a writer, I have experience in most of these sites, they make it look as if it’s easier but in the real sense of the word, it is very hard.

    Writing to wealth failed alot of my litmus test for site legitimacy and its a no-go area for me. 

    Thanks for showing the world what writing to wealth is doing 



  2. Never heard of this Writing to Wealth but so glad you took the time to see if they are legit business or a scam. Unfortunately so many people will fall for this. It looks like it is more of an outdated affiliate site rather than an actual learning platform or even a money- making platform. It definitely doesn’t have the consumers best interest at heart. I’m glad I read this, now I know better.I really appreciate you taking the time to discover this for usThank you!

    1. It is unfortunate, but Clickbank has some really seedy projects on their marketplace. I am always looking for GOOD products to promote since I am an affiliate for them. As you saw, this one is pretty flaky. I suspect some people can make money with it if they are good writers, since Writing to Wealth is directly affiliated with Freelance.com, so they can get writing gigs from them any time. But people still have to apply for the writing jobs, which is really weird.

  3. Now, knowing fully well that, writing to wealth is a clickbank platform with promises to money though writing jobs, for example freelance. I had been a member of a freelance platform before as a free member, but I made nothing out of it because of slothfulness, and I don’t pay for the premium memberships. I really like the No free Trial approach used nowadays. It is really time consuming, but need prioritization and passion. Once you familiarize yourself with your wealth member’s area and tools, you are good to go but there is a lot of false promises of quick wealth on their side which appear to be all lies. Some of this platform are sophisticated with no guides, even some of us including I (then) because of sweet promises of quick wealth fails to review the platform well before taking up the jobs. Also hidden details of the site owner is there, all these are red flag to back off. This post had really enlightened us writers and freelancers of today, on the need for thorough review of any writing to wealth platforms we wish to sign up for, some recommendation on few of them are included in the post. Knowledge is power, and wisdom is also profitable in our doings.Thanks, wish you all happy earnings online.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read the full review. I think it is pretty clear that these guys are on the scammy side of things. I do think that good writers could make some money with this platform, but it would be much harder for new writers to do any good.

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