What is WP Affiliate Machine? – My Honest Unbiased Review

What is WP Affiliate Machine?
What is WP Affiliate Machine? – My Honest Unbiased Review

One of the major issues affiliate marketers have is that they lack a website where they can send traffic to try to make commissions. Not only that, even when you do manage to create a website, you are not sure how to start making money from it, by inserting affiliate links, that you aren’t approved for yet. Luckily, there is a brand new WordPress plugin that builds you a complete affiliate marketing website in just 1-CLICK – the WP Affiliate Machine. This plugin will not only load the new site with affiliate review articles but also guarantees approval for all offers being promoted from the site, for three of the biggest affiliate programs. That sound amazing and maybe too good to be true, so what is WP Affiliate Machine?

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What is this WP Affiliate Machine Thing?

WP Affiliate Machine is not a software application, but is instead , a very newly developed WP plugin, that allows you to create limitless affiliate sites in a meager 60 seconds. Once you create the automated site, it will be completely loaded with the top product reviews, content, graphics and videos, and you will be automatically approved for three affiliate sites and all their products: JVZOO, ClickBank and WarriorPlus. The automatic guaranteed approval for these affiliates is pretty cool and really helpful to newbies for sure.

WP Affiliate Machine provides you with the ability to quickly and easily create your own affiliate marketing site that could start making you money very quickly. As far as I could determine, it is the fastest way for affiliate marketers to start making commissions quickly online.

Let’s See How WP Affiliate Machine Works.

With automated features, WP Affiliate Machine is extremely easy to use (even for total beginners). Simply upload the plugin to the WordPress site and insert your ClickBank ID, WarriorPlus Affiliate ID, and JVZOO ID. You can then click a launch button to allow the site to expand like magic.

Once the plugin is installed, the software will appear in the left menu. Click on it, and you will see the content you can import from the source website. Basically, go into the settings and add the number of articles you wish to import, and one a day will be automatically imported, or you can manually import more if you want.

You can set your JVZOO affiliate ID, copy and paste it, and then click the save button. You should now go back to the main affiliate site and click on “force import.” The article (with image, content, and videos) will be imported automatically. If you want to make the article unique, you have the option of completely rewriting it or just changing a few things, to make it appear as your own. If you need to import more articles, go back to the main menu and click on force import again and you’ll have added more content to your affiliate page.

NOTE: These articles that you are importing have been pre-written and everyone else in WP Affiliate Machine will be importing the same ones. This is not good for SEO on your site, so be aware of that and consider modifying them so they are unique content.

What Features Does WP Affiliate Machine Provide?

The built-in affiliate machine plugin has remarkable features that make it the easiest way of launching your affiliate site in just seconds.

Here is what you get with the WP Affiliate Machine plugin:

  • Earn commissions from several affiliates networks – The WP Affiliate Machine developers wanted to make sure it is possible for your to make as much cash as possible with your easy to create sites. They have developed and designed the plugin so you can earn commissions from multiple platforms including JVZOO, WarriorPlus, and ClickBank. Add your Affiliate ID on the plugin’s software page and start earning commissions.
  • You get thirty preloaded affiliate network product reviews for the three affiliate networks – Creating relevant and high quality content and product reviews can be difficult and very time consuming. With WP Affiliate Machine, you will immediately have access to 30 affiliate product reviews that are professionally written and ready to use on your site. And, as you progress, more product reviews will become available. Since this plugin comes with already created product reviews, you won’t need to create any content.
  • The plugin will automatically add images, videos, graphics, and even call-to-actions for affiliate offers – It can be very difficult to find or create pictures, videos, and graphics for your articles. WP affiliate machine software not only imports all the content, but it also adds related media, including awesome videos.
  • Social media and web 2.0 integration – To build free traffic to your affiliate websites, WP Affiliate Machine has integrated with the primary social media and top web 2.0 platforms. Every time you add content to your site, the software will automatically share on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter as well as web 2.0 platforms such as Tumblr. This makes WP affiliate plugin a built-in traffic generation beast that will easily get more traffic to your site via social media.
  • Finally you will have a completely mobile-friendly website – With over half of all online traffic occurring on various type of mobile devices, it is extremely crucial to have a site that is mobile friendly. WP Affiliate Machine takes care of this for you, so every site you create with a single click will already be fully mobile friendly.
  • Daily Automatic plugin and content updates – Any updates made to the plugin, will automatically be updated on your wordpress and also on each of your WP Affiliate Machine sites. Content updates will also be updated as they are made on all your sites.
  • You get a built in banner system – Banner ads and notices can drive excellent offers and courses of action or even promote your other websites and businesses. This WP plugin allows you to show your ads within the content of your article to promote special deals and make more money.
  • You also get what is called Special High Conversion Boxes – As affiliates, we need to do everything we can to attract attention to our sites and our articles. WP Affiliate Machine creators developed special high conversion boxes that will grab more attention and get you many more sales.
  • Your sites will be SEO ready – WP Affiliate Machine enables you to create a 100% SEO friendly webpage. SEO optimization ensures your website is ranked at the top in search engine results pages. This will get you organic free traffic on the most pervasive web crawlers including Google. You can also edit the SEO setting from the powerful admin panel to optimize even more. But don’t forget, the imported content will not necessarily be SEO, since it is duplicated content.
  • Simple, easy and powerful admin capabilities – Installed with a full admin panel, the WP plugin lets you control and edit the site components including the content, courses, products, and all other settings. It is so easy to use, no technical knowledge is required to control, manage and customize your affiliate site.
  • Product suggestion – The WP affiliate machine has an built-in automatic product recommendation feature that can suggest other products that the visitors to your site may be interested in, to get you even more sales.

What is WP Affiliate Machine Going to Cost Me?

For a limited time, WP Affiliate Machine has early bird discount prices. You can choose the option that is best for you and your current situation:

  • Front End – WP Affiliate Machine Unlimited License (Main Product) – At the time of the writing of this article, you can create as many site as you want and get the fully automated affiliate website builder for about $20 a month. The features covered include image and call to action additions, importation of reviews for JVZOO, WarriorPlus, and ClickBank Offers. You will also get pre-loaded content and 30 articles for your site. Your content will be automatically shared on social media sites. With this plan, you can earn 50% to 100% commissions for every sale you get. WOW!
  • Upgrade to OTO #1 – WP Affiliate Machine PRO Version Upgrade OTO($47) – The plan affords you all the front-end features above, along with automatic SEO tags and a built in backlink creator to your articles. You can turn your content into PDF and videos and share it to PDF or video site platforms. Furthermore, the plan allows you to add free offers, build your list from your website automatically, and store limitless email leads. You can also automatically turn certain keywords into affiliate links and earn commissions.

There are some additional add-on plans that will provide more monthly content, a developers license, special hosting, affiliate software booster and a pretty awesome done for you site setup capability. These are each at additional costs and you may or may not want them for your situation.

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How Easy is it to See WP Affiliate Machine Work?

The fact that WA affiliate machine contains automated features makes it easy for everyone to use, even a newbie can get started right away.

Here is what you need to do in three easy steps to create your first site:

Step 1: Upload the affiliate machine plug-in to your WordPress site.
Step 2: Enter your ClickBank ID, WarriorPlus Affiliate ID, as well as your JVZOO ID.
Step 3: Click the button and watch your affiliate site start importing content in seconds

And you now have your affiliate review site in less than 60 seconds!

Who is WP Affiliate Machine For?

WP plugin is developed primarily for bloggers, affiliates, newbies, MMO, and anyone who doesn’t understand how to dispatch an affiliate page and make commissions. It is also for individuals who dislike writing content and still want to create an affiliate site for making money. For those who find creating a site too challenging and want to launch your own site without all the work normally involved, download WP affiliate machine, install, and launch your website in 60 seconds. This is truly the lazy way to get it done and start making commissions very quickly.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the WP Affiliate Machine?

Some advantages:

– Built-in traffic generation – social media posting.
– Pre-stacked content – 30 to start.
– 30-day unlimited guarantee
– Easy to set up and use

– SEO optimization features are available only on OTO upsells and thus you need to upgrade your plan to OTO 1 to unlock those features and much more. Probably worth the money.

My Verdict on WP Affiliate Machine – NOT Recommended for Most People.

WP Affiliate Machine is ideal for anyone who wishes to start their affiliate site without going through a complex process. With the plugin, you can create done-for-you and ready-to-promote affiliate sites and potentially earn commissions. And even better. you will automatically be approved to start promoting products and earning commissions from three top affiliate networks: JVZoo, Clickbank, and WarriorPlus.

The reason I don’t recommend this for all people, is because of the issues of the content not being automatically SEO compliant since it is really duplicate content. Anyone who decides to use this plugin, needs to understand how to make sure the content is SEO good to go.

I do think there is unlimited earning potential for the right people who don’t mind doing at least a little work.

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10 thoughts on “What is WP Affiliate Machine? – My Honest Unbiased Review

  1. The wp affiliate machine plugin really ticks all boxes in my opinion. It sounds like an easy way to begin your journey in the affiliate marketing world. It’s good that all the work has been done for you and all you have to do is keep adding content. 

    For the price the wp affiliate machine plugin comes at, I believe it’s good value for money.

  2. Thanks for your review on WP affilate machine. I have not heard about the machine before now but i am convinced its one of the best tools an affiliate marketer needs to make it as fast as possible and i believe this particle article is a must read for all. 

    The only disadvantages i see in this wp affiliate machine is because they are not SEO compliance but i am sure therw are solutions on ground which are yet to be discovered

  3. After reading your very thorough review of the WP Affiliate Machine (thank you for that by the way), I feel that it might not be for me. I have signed up for the Wealthy Affiliate platform (which I see you have on your site as a good option as well), and what I like about Wealthy Affiliate is that I create all my own unique content, and they do teach that unique content is critical to gaining trust and credibility with the search engines.  I feel that with this canned content (even though it is easier I’m quite sure of that), that you wouldn’t be able to really rank very well.

    1. I am with you on this one. It looks good for someone just starting out, but has some risks of not being ranked by Google, due to the content that many other people will be using. I do think it could make a lot of money if handled correctly. I may give it a shot and rewrite the content to promote all the available products. 

      The guaranteed approval on the three affiliate programs is pretty cool as well.

  4. Thanks for your unbiased review, I can remember when I started as a member on wealthy affiliate, I was a little confused about how i was going to create my own very website with ease as promised but to  my greatest surprise word press made it easier than  thought with various opportunities to monetize my website although I’m not totally good at using the WP machine, I can say it’s an amazing software.

    1. I really hope you try it out, and it has absolutely nothing to do with Wealthy Affiliate. It is a separate plugin for WordPress.

  5. This is my first time learning about this affiliate. This sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing. This product helps a lot for who are newbies in making website and writing contents like me. I will come back to explore more. I have a question: how do they mange to prevent duplicate content?

    1. As I said in the article, they don’t prevent the content from being duplicate, because it is. It is up to each affiliate to decide whether to modify it or not to make it more unique for SEO purposes.

      It is pretty cool that they have made it so simple to create a website and start promoting products in minutes.

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