What is Uber Suggest? [How to Win the Game of SEO for FREE!]

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What is UberSuggest?
What is UberSuggest?

Who doesn’t want more traffic to their website? Wouldn’t it be amazing to know exactly which content for your niche people are searching for? Want to find the best keywords? Uber Suggest is an awesome tool many people are now using to do all of these things. But, What is Uber Suggest?

In this review I will tell you everything you need to know about Uber Suggest.

What Exactly is Uber Suggest?

Uber Suggest is probably the best FREE keyword research tool currently available. Let me say that again, it is FREE. And even better, it is owned by Neil Patel, who is a New York Times Bestselling author. He was called a top influencer on the web by the Wall Street Journal. Forbes even puts him in the top ten marketers, which is very high praise. He was recognized as on of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by  President Obama and a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by the United Nations. In other words, this guy knows what he is doing. He also works directly with Richard from the Shark Tank.

Neil bought Uber Suggest in 2017 and has updated it to become an amazing keyword research tool. He just released Version 2.0 that has made it even better than before, and more updates are coming.

With Uber Suggest, you can enter a keyword and do the research without having to join the site or anything. Use it anytime you want at no charge. How cool is that? When you enter a keyword, you will be provided with a ton of information on that keyword. It provides you with volume data, CPC  data and a bunch of information about SEO difficulty for ranking. This great tool will also provide you with long-tail keywords. Lets break down what you will see.

How does Uber Suggest Work?

It is actually really easy to use with the updated user interface.

Uber Suggest Search
Uber Suggest Search

First, just enter your keyword or a domain you want to search for as shown in the picture above and hit SEARCH.

The tool will gather the data very quickly and then provide the data you are looking for as follows:

  • Search Volume – This tells you how many times someone searches for this keyword each month. Good info to know. If your keyword isn’t getting a good number of searches per month, it probably isn’t a keyword you want to use.
  • SEO Difficulty – This will tell you how competitive this keyword is for organic searches. If it is a really high number, it will be hard to rank for in organic searches.
  • Paid Difficulty – Like SEO difficulty, this will tell you how high the competition is for paid searches. If it is really high, it will cost you a lot more money to rank and it will be much harder. Choose keywords that have lower paid difficulty.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) – This is telling you much it would cost for each click to be visible in a Google search, in an add for this keyword. Higher CPC usually indicates this is a valuable keyword.

Here is my results for these values for my test keyword search:

Uber Suggest Keyword Search Result
Uber Suggest Keyword Search Result

Below this information you will also see graphs and tables with this information broken down for you:

Uber Suggest Volume Graph
Uber Suggest Volume Graph

You get Keyword Ideas with search volume, CPC and more:

Uber Suggest Keyword Ideas
Uber Suggest Keyword Ideas

How about this great Content Ideas Chart that you also get:

Uber Suggest Content Ideas
Uber Suggest Content Ideas

Uber Suggest is Much More than Just a Keyword Search Tool.

There is also more tools available on this user interface page that allow you to do the following for your Domain, Free of charge:

  • Domain Overview – This will show you Organic Keywords for any Domain Search, Organic Monthly Traffic for that Domain, the Domain Score that shows between 1 and 100 what your score is, and higher is better. It also shows the number of incoming Backlinks for this Domain. This is all very useful information and you can put your Domain in to search, or your competition’s Domain to see how they are doing, so you can figure out how to rank higher than them.

Here are the Graphs and Charts for one Domain Search I performed using this FREE tool:

Domain Search Results and Traffic
Domain Search Results and Traffic

Domain SEO Keywords Ranking
Domain SEO Keywords Ranking

Domain Top SEO Pages
Domain Top SEO Pages

Domain SEO Keywords
Domain SEO Keywords

As you can see in the above graphs and charts, you get a lot of great information for a Domain search. Also, not shown, is a View All button for all of the different graphs and charts that will show you even more information for each category.

I have to say, I am very impressed with this tool, especially since it is FREE. It is awesome that someone of Neil’s notoriety and expertise would provide this to us for free.

And if that wasn’t enough, there is a brand new Site Audit and Backlinks feature that you can use to check up on your own site.

The Site Audit feature is just what it sounds like, it does an audit of your site and provides valuable feedback on the following and much more:

Uber Suggest Site Audit
Uber Suggest Site Audit

SIte Audit Health Check
SIte Audit Health Check

The Site Audit also provides important information on your Site Speed. Site Speed is all about how fast your site loads for users and this is a critical part of having a successful online business. If your site doesn’t load quickly and provide your graphics quickly, your readers will leave your site.

Site Audit also provides information on your onsite SEO. This includes  a very comprehensive 44-point SEO checklist to help you better understand the overall health of your site. It also provides the information you need on what you can do to make improvements.

Check Out Your Competition – Analyze Their Domains

That’s right, you can use this tool to analyze your competition by searching their keywords and domains to see what you need to do to rank higher than them on all the search engines.

You can even search keywords by country to see what your competitors are ranking best for.

Conclusion on Uber Suggest – Best FREE Keyword Research Tool and Much More!

I have used and researched a ton of keyword research tools. I have to say the Uber Suggest is most likely the best FREE keyword research tool. And more than that, it is becoming the best keyword tool period, with all the updates constantly being done. It provides what most tools charge for.

It provides excellent keyword suggestions along with related keywords, SEO stats including search volume, Cost Per Click and everything you need to know about organic search and your competition. And don’t forget to check up on your competition’s Domains as well.

Great Tool, even better Price.

Do you need some affiliate marketing training to go along with this great free keyword research tool? If so, CLICK HERE for my #1 recommendation and the one I use.

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6 thoughts on “What is Uber Suggest? [How to Win the Game of SEO for FREE!]

  1. Pfff, I’ve tried several keyword research tools but I’ve come to the realization that their results are not accurate.

    I mean, when one tool shows 10 competition for a given keyword, another tool shows 20 competition for the same keyword and yet another one shows 0 competition, which one would you believe?

    I am going to try Ubersuggest as I have been following Neil Patel for a while now and he seems to know his way around online marketing…

    However, I really doubt that this keyword research tool will be 100% accurate either.

    Thank you anyway!

    1. You should give it a shot before criticizing it. Neil knows what he is doing and this is free so what can it hurt to try it. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

      I have also tried many and they each have their own algorithm, so of course they are going to have different results. You should use what works for you and what you are comfortable with.

      I hope you find what you are looking for.

  2. I’ve tried a few tools and have not heard about this one before. I think it is a great tool especially since it is FREE. If you cannot afford to use a premium tool then this would be a great one to try. I do enjoy following Niel he does share a lot of information. Thank you for sharing. 

    1. Free is always good, as long as it is a useful tool. And this is a useful tool! I like it a lot and it is only getting better. Neil is awesome and his site has a lot of really useful information as well.

      I am really glad you found this information useful.

  3. Great to know that there are decent free alternatives to paid services out there. The source hasn’t let us down at all. I tried the tool out and it’s quite nice indeed. It’s not my favorite keyword research tool, but then again I’m a bit of a bigot to the tool I’m used to, so whatever.  Definitely something I’ll bookmark and recommend to others who are starting out and need a free tool. Hope it does stay free.

    1. I think it is a great tool and it is being updated as we speak. It will only get better and according to Neil it will stay free. He has many other things he charges for so this is his way of giving back a little.

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