What is the Best SEO Keyword Research Tool? [Long Tail Pro Review 2019]

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What is the Best SEO Keyword Research Tool? Is it Long Tail Pro?

Keyword research is a critical component of affiliate or content marketing. You must do the research to find the right keywords for your articles for Google to rank you on the top of SERPs. I like Jaaxy, but is there something better? I have been researching all the keyword research tools, especially the ones that are great for SEO. So, we really need to know, “What is the Best SEO Keyword Research Tool?”.

Let’s have a look today at Long Tail Pro and see if it is time to change our keyword research platform.

What Exactly is Long Tail Pro?

I know you will be surprised to find out that Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool. 🙂 But, it isn’t just any research tool. This keyword research tool will help you quickly find the infamous low competition keywords in competitive niches. This tool is designed and built for those of us doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), because we can’t yet afford to do paid ads.

It will provide you with hundreds or even thousands of related keywords, along with search volume, rank value, and even Keyword Competitiveness (KC). KC tremendously helps you judge the keyword difficulty and competition to rank for. Very useful information.

CLICK HERE to read the story of how Spencer Haws created Long Tail Pro, in his own words.

How Important is the Keyword Competitiveness (KC) Part of this Tool?

To me, and I hope you will see that KC is very important when choosing the right keywords.

The KC score is a number determined on how difficult it will be for your article to rank on the first page of Google for your keyword or search term. It is a value between 1 and 100.

Anything over a KC of 40 would be considered pretty hard to rank for, unless your site is incredibly authoritative in your niche.

A KC of 30 – 35 is normally considered medium difficulty to get ranked on page 1. Since there are always plenty of easier long tail keywords available, why go for the medium to hard ones. I don’t.

The algorithm of the KC score looks at the first page of Google and figures out how much authority sites hold that are ranking for your search term. It also takes into account a lot of factors like, links, authority and keyword targeting.

Bottom line, if the KC is under 30, there is a good chance you can get ranked on page 1 with a much higher probability.

How Does Long Tail Keyword Research Work?

It is actually very easy to use, for experienced affiliate marketers.

Here are the basic steps to using this tool:

  1. Enter up to 5 seed keywords – You will get hundreds of long tail keyword suggestions. You can filter the results here by creating filters based on your average CPC bid, search volume, rank value, and many more options.
  2. Run you keyword and competitor analysis – You just start with any competitor’s page or their domain and watch how quickly Long Tail Pro determines their keyword strategy. Then you can compare the suggested keywords using any and all the metrics that are important to you.
  3. Now, determine how profitable your keyword could be – You want to make sure your keyword is going to be profitable. You just use Long Tail Pro to pull up keyword metrics very quickly, and then you will know how well your keywords are going to work for your campaign.
  4. Use the Rank Tracker Feature to keep track of your rank – Get real time rank for your article and keep track as often as you want so you can take action if needed. Long Tail Pro will update your rankings for each keyword every day to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Does Long Tail Pro Provide the Training You Need to Use this Keyword Tool?

I am glad you asked, and yes they do provide all the training you need to become an expert at using this awesome software that is now cloud based.

You can get a great head start, by using Long Tail Pro’s library of video tutorials that provides information on a ton of topics, including finding seed keywords, all the way to creating content that is awesome at bringing in high authority backlinks, another great perk.

Next you get going in the Long Tail Bootcamp. Here you will learn the fundamentals of keyword research and more tasks you can do even beyond the Long Tail Pro platform.

To become an expert at using this tool, you next enter Long Tail University where you will get the advanced training in digital marketing, competitive analysis, link building, and high level content strategy. NOTE: Only annual members get access to Long Tail University.

What are the Pros and Cons With Long Tail Pro?


  • You get keywords in massive amount – up to 400 at once.
  • The Keyword Competitiveness score is pretty cool and useful.
  • Comes with a Rank Tracker that is accurate and easy to use.
  • You can easily analyze your competitors.
  • Great training on using the tool and more


  • I would like to see a higher limit on manual keywords.
  • The seed keyword limit is too low.
  • I think the user interface (UX) could be updated to make it easier for newbies to use.
  • May be a bit pricey for beginners.

Ok, What is this Going to Cost Me?

First, there is a 7 day free trial period and you get to try everything out.

Here is a breakdown of the different subscription options:

Long Tail Pro Monthly Membership
Long Tail Pro Monthly Membership


Long Tail Pro Annual Membership
Long Tail Pro Annual Membership

Verdict on Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool

This is a tough one. It is clearly full of awesome keyword research features along with many other built in tool. But, I found that it is not so easy to use for beginning online business startups. I would only recommend this to advanced affiliate or content marketers who understand all the ins and out of this type of tool

A newbie could use it if they go through all the available training, but that requires Yearly membership which can be a bit pricey.

If you are looking for a keyword research tool that is included with awesome affiliate marketing training, webhosting, has a great and very supportive community and is FREE to start, CLICK HERE. It includes Jaaxy, what I consider the best keyword research tool available and it won’t wipe out your savings.

6 thoughts on “What is the Best SEO Keyword Research Tool? [Long Tail Pro Review 2019]

  1. This is a very good in depth review of Long Tail Pro, researching keywords, long ones in particular is not an easy task to perform, but this product seems to do it very well.

    The drawback I see with this, is as mentioned by the author that it is a little advanced for the newbie and a tad pricey, however we still have Jaaxy to fall back until we can afford this obviously excellent tool.

    Many thanks a good review.


    1. You are right on Stuart. Good tool with a lot of great features for long tail keywords. But probably a little pricey for beginners. Jaaxy is also awesome but doesn’t have quite the same features as Long Tail Pro.

  2. Hi and Thank you for your review about the program Long Tail Pro.  I found your post to be very informative.  I had not heard of this program however your explanation and review gave me a lot of information to make a decision about staying with my current keyword research tool Jaaxy.  I agree that the product is a bit pricey and it may be more than a beginner Affiliate Marketer may need.  For that reason I would not sign up for this program, mostly due to the high cost of the program even though it does appear to be a good tool for some.   Thanks again for your recommendations.  

    1. I have to agree completely. I think it is a great tool for maybe the more advanced marketers. I think if a beginner was interested, it would give them a tremendous amount of knowledge. For now, Jaaxy is my go to keyword research tool as well.

  3. Hey Curtis, 

    Great in depth review of Long Tail Pro, I’ve used this tool before and from what I can tell it is the most powerful keyword research tool on the market in terms of the sheer volume of potential keywords it can generate, the levels of analysis on competitors sites and things like recommending potential and available domain names. That being said, it is very difficult to use, especially if you are new to affiliate marketing/ keyword research. I agree it does need some work on the interface to make it user friendly for people at all levels of experience. 

    1. Thank you Nate, you are right on with your view of this awesome tool. It has a lot of great tools built in for all your keyword research needs. I really like the Keyword Competitiveness parameter. I hope they do update it so it is easier for newbies to use. It would obviously benefit everyone if they did.

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