What is SEO Affiliate Domination? – Gray Hat Training Gone Wild?

SEO Affiliate Domination
What is SEO Affiliate Domination?
What is SEO Affiliate Domination?

I have taken several affiliate marketing courses and I have learned a ton of white hat techniques from those courses. There are some courses out there that also teach black hat techniques, that I don’t recommend. This course called SEO Affiliate Domination is all about grey hat techniques. These are just a little riskier than what most us of stick to, which is white hat SEO. The question you must have is, What is SEO Affiliate Domination?

In this product review, I will give you all the information you need to decide if this is for you or not.

Who Created SEO Affiliate Domination?

This course was created by a ClickFunnels Dream car winner called Greg Jeffries. He has really only been around affiliate marketing for a few years, but he learned quickly and is now interested in teaching others to be able to do what he has done and how he did it.

Greg is not one of those guys that you hear a lot about, because that’s the way he likes it. He is said to be a very humble guy by his peers.He is also a 6 or even 7 figure Affiliate Marketer. This is the kind of guy I am interested in learning from.

He has pretty much done everything related to SEO. He doesn’t use paid ads, he doesn’t post to a bunch of Facebook groups or adds. I mean he doesn’t even pin articles on Pinterest. I do, because I thought I was supposed to, to get more traffic to my site.

I don’t know if he would be considered a SEO guru, but he does seem to know what he is doing.

Who Would Benefit Most From this Course?

Because this course is very easy to get through and understand, this course will most likely benefit beginner affiliate marketers the most. That doesn’t mean it isn’t useful to advanced or even experts in SEO, because there are lost of tricks Greg presents that are useful to all.

It is also for the following people, beginner or not:

  • Someone looking to get out of the 9-5 grind.
  • Someone looking to earn a passive income.
  • Someone looking to improve their circumstances with their current affiliate marketing sites.
  • Someone who took another affiliate marketing course and still didn’t make any money.

Bottom line is, many people would benefit from this course, but it is missing some important information. More on that below.

Build Your Own Online Empire.
Build Your Own Online Empire.

What is in the SEO Affiliate Domination Training?

In this course, you will get an inside look into the simple, scalable and sustainable techniques that Greg himself used to make a 6 figure income.

All of the training is done via videos and include the following:

  • You will get a step-by-step guide into creating you very own marketing campaigns that will generate loads of cash.
  • You will also get Greg’s recommended tools you need to be successful. Greg doesn’t like to spend money on tools, so these will be either free or very inexpensive. I like that a lot.
  • You will learn the SEO tactics to get plenty of free traffic. Greg shows you there is no need to pay for any traffic.
  • You will no longer need to use low hanging fruit keywords. In fact, you will learn how to compete with the big guys and stiff competition and win.
  • Greg provides you with his niche websites so you can see how it is done. You will even be able to copy his formula on his very successful sites.
  • You get to learn all about scaling into other markets beyond you online niche. These will include local SEO, Foreign SEO, YouTube and much more.

You will also have access to Greg’s Facebook group, where you can get all the help you need along the way.

There are weekly question and answer sessions with Greg so you can get answers to all of your questions directly from him.

If you are coachable, adventurous and understand the value of the dollar, you pass the test for this program. If you don’t want to learn and put in the work that is needed to become an affiliate marketer, this is probably not for you.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, but it is geared toward you making money much quicker than 6 months to a year. Most students from this course tend to make some money within a few months or sooner.

Greg also teaches you about two different kinds of sites. One is what is called Mass Page Sites.

  • Mass Page Sites – Sites that contain potentially thousands of niche articles. What, I have to create ate up to 5000 articles? Yes, but you find out how to automate the content creation with one of Greg’s tools. Pretty simple really, you just use a keyword tool to find all the possible keywords for your niche and the tool automatically creates content for you. This is not an SEO strategy that you would see in most of the main stream courses. This strategy can be hit or miss as well and may take several tries, but it can be very lucrative for a short period of time. You can create many of these sites and potentially rake in the money.
  • Authority Sites – This is considered the normal type of site for most people. With this strategy, you would create very high quality content. These are sites where you will do both on-page and off-page SEO strategies. You do link building and all the other things associated with authority sites. Greg does not spend much time on this, because he is not the normal white hat guy, but instead focuses on grey hat techniques, like mass page sites.

NOTE: This training takes place normally over a twelve week period, so you can implement things as you go along and start making money as soon as possible. The whole course of training is only a few hours total, but is updated frequently.

There are weekly action items to keep you engaged and create your sites.

Enough about all the awesome training, what is this going to cost?

What Does SEO Affiliate Domination Cost Me?

This course used to cost $297 when it was first launched in 2017. It eventually climbed up to $997. But now, it is only $497 and can even be paid out in two months. I have seen it for $199 off and on.

You will have to pay for some of the additional tools, but they are not expensive. But note that these extra recommended tools are absolutely required to make this successful.

Don’t Want to Pay for This Right Now, Get This FREE SEO Affiliate Domination starter course.

Conclusion and Recommendation for SEO Affiliate Domination.

Although this course is very thorough, it is missing some key SEO training, like for example PBNs. That is typically an important topic to cover in most affiliate marketing courses.

Users of this course have to be careful of some of the strategies that are revealed, because they tend to be shiny objects and can easily fail if not done correctly. Just stick with the main content and you will do well.

I think this is a decent course. I am actually doing it now and I will update this article with my results later

Bottom line, YES, I do recommend SEO Affiliate Domination, especially for Beginners. Watch for deals on the price.


4 thoughts on “What is SEO Affiliate Domination? – Gray Hat Training Gone Wild?

  1. Might be interested however I do have a few questions. Grey is just that it is a fine line between how does Google see this as opposed to black hat techniques. Which of course google hates and in most cases unethical? Also Greg Jeffries uses Clickfunnels which can be a bit pricey, in order for this to work just how much do you have to dish out up front? I am always looking for opportunities as long as they are legitimate and they don’t break the bank. Look forward to your response. I did sign up for the free starter.

    1. The prices are provided in the article. You do not have to use ClickFunnels, because Greg provides you with funnels that already work.

      Black hat techniques are definitely frowned on by Google. Grey hat techniques to work for a while and you can make a lot of money in short periods of time and then you can create hybrid sites that are both Mass and Authority sites in one.

      I am doing the free starter course right now. You may want to give that a try to see how much more you can learn about affiliate marketing and some strategies  that are proven to work.

  2. A really comprehensive review on such an important subject, SEO matters to all those involved in internet marketing, if we do not understand the importance of SEO then we have a problem.

    Like the fact that the tools needed are emphasised as being free or not expensive, this is very important to those who are spending good  money on this course, which does look to be very good value and extremely thorough..

    Intend to investigate the starter course myself.

    1. Thank you for your comments Stuart. SEO is the best way to succeed in affiliate marketing. We just have to hope Google cooperates. I am doing the starter course now and I will report my results.

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