What is Content On a Website? [How to Create Quality Content]

Content is King
Content is King

If you are doing affiliate marketing or content marketing, you have to be able to create some awesome content for your website. But, what does that really mean, and what is content on a website?

In this article I am going to provide you with the definition of content for your website and why it is so important. I will also provide you with a bunch of ways to create high quality content.

What is Content You Create for Your Website?

Content for your website can be many things. It can be plain text, videos, audios, images, pictures, and anything else that provides your readers with a great user experience on your website. In other words, it is something you read, or watch, listen to or can also be animated. These are all considered creative elements, that the website owner/operator creates or has created by someone else.

Your content may be articles, product reviews, courses, training, and many other creative publications that you create to help people out and to get search engines to recognize your site as an authority site.

Bottom line, content for your site is very important for the success of your site.

Why is Content So Important for the Success of Your Website?

There are so many reasons that content is important for your site.

Here is a breakdown of many reasons Great Content is so important to your site:

  • It is extremely important for generating traffic to your website.
  • It is needed for search engines to find your site, based on the Keywords you use and people are searching for. No content, no keywords equals no traffic and no conversions.
  • Good quality content is what will separate you and your site from your competitors.
  • Great content will determine if your customers are going to purchase your product or service or whether they will click your affiliate links or not.
  • Search engines will find your site if your content is kept up to date.
  • Content targeted to your niche customers is very important to your site and with great keywords will increase your organic traffic.
  • Great content encourages backlinks from other authority sites.
  • With content, you can provide call-to-actions to your audience that they can’t resist. This is how you will increase conversions.

OK, I get it, Content is King, but we need to know what this high quality looks like.

What Exactly is Good Website Content?

This can be a difficult question, depending on who you ask. Too me and many others, good website content is content that, at a minimum, provides your readers with a solution to a problem that your keyword describes and can be easily found by search engines.

It is content that is original, not duplicate content that you did not create. Google will penalize you for duplicate content.

⇒ It is content that is optimized for SEO for search engines. Google loves optimized sites.

⇒ It is engaging, funny, readable, to the point and not rambling.

⇒ It has high quality images that are relevant to the article subject. Your images need descriptions.

⇒ It has links to authority references. Do not try to buy backlinks. Let them happen naturally as your site becomes an authority.

⇒ It has at least 1000 – 1500 words of relevant text that is of high quality and is informative. Just a bunch of words won’t get it done.

I am mainly focusing this article on textual content, but all of this applies to other types of content as well.

Tips for Creating High Quality Website Content that Ranks and Converts.

The internet is a very popular and crowded place and everyone wants their little piece (website). There are said to be more than 1.9 Billion websites on the internet. People do more than 3.5 Billion search engine searches every day, nd that is just on Google!

With that many sites, you need to be able to rise to the top of the search engines SERP and to do that, you must create the high quality content we have been talking about here.

You have to be able to capture your reader’s interests with your content. Did you know that research shows, 55 percent of your site visitors will spend only 15 seconds or less on your site or the page you send them too. Doing good website content will make your site visitors want to stay of your page and read your content, and eventually lead to them clicking your CTA and get them to convert on your products.

There are many writing tips that apply to great content, no matter what type of content it is.

Here is some help for writing good quality content, so your site and articles get the attention they should be getting:

  • Create your own original content – Sorry if I keep bringing this up, but it is important so Google doesn’t penalize your site. Write your own content as if you are talking to a friend. Don’t try to sell them. You can also Outsource your content if you can find someone you trust to create original content like you would.
  • Know Who Your Audience is – You have to know who you are writing for and more importantly, too. Figure out who your main audience is and also your secondary audience who can influence and maybe inform your main audience. Make sure your content is interesting and informative to your audience. Make sure your keyword search term is what your audience would be typing in to the Google search engine.
  • Use Short and Simple Sentences and Paragraphs – I like to use the K.I.S.S. principle. Keep It Simple Stupid. In other words, write your content so anyone in your audience can read and comprehend it. Write at around an 8th grade level. Keep your sentences short and have only 3 – 5 sentences in a paragraph. And don’t try to sound like a scientist. Keep your words small and simple enough for all your readers to understand, to keep them interested in reading, so they get to your CTA.
  • Make Descriptions Clear – If you are going to describe something to someone, make it clear without being too long winded. Descriptive text that provides a clear picture of what you are talking about also helps your SEO.
  • Provide Sources and/or References – If you are not the authority on the subject you are writing about, you need to provide your sources or references to the data you are presenting. For product reviews, Scientific references are great. And of course Wikipedia is a great reference for just about anything because they are highly respected.
  • Be Personal When Possible – Share personal stories that relate to your article. I use many my own experiences in my articles since they are my niche. Personalize your article as much as possible to reach a bigger part of your target audience.
  • Create Eye Catching Headlines – It is my understanding that 80% of your readers will look at your headlines first, and only 20% of those will likely read your article, unless your headlines make them want to stay.
  • Create Actionable Content – You want your content to provide information on the actions your audience needs to take after reading your article. Provide tips, like I am here. Provide them with some training. Give them a link to click on for Free eBooks, etc.
  • Provide Answers – Yes, the whole point of your content is the answer the questions your target audience is asking to solve a problem. Make it easy and quick to find what they are looking for in your content to fix their issue.
  • Add Relevant Images or Pictures – Supposedly, a picture is worth a 1000 words. Makes sense to me, images that relate to the topic and the questions your audience are looking for will get their attention. Content with just text is very boring. Provide pictures to break up the text so your readers don’t get bored.
  • Add Videos if Possible – People now days prefer to watch a video to get the information they are looking for, instead of reading a bunch of text.
  • Provide a Great CTA – At the end of each article you should always provide a good call-to-action for your audience to click. It needs to be something that provides them more information beyond your article, and possible the answer to their original reason for coming to your site.

Summary for Good Content for Your Site.

I don’t know about you, but writing in general is hard. Writing great content for your site or blog is also very hard, unless you can write about something you are very passionate about. If you know a lot about your niche or are willing to do the research, writing rank worthy content can be much easier.

Good content can be relevant for many years to come when done as described in this article, and you can and should go back to your articles off and on and update them with more current information to keep your audience coming back for more.

If I can do it, so can you. I learned how to write content like this at my favorite Affiliate Marketing Training Site. Check it out HERE!

6 thoughts on “What is Content On a Website? [How to Create Quality Content]

  1. Excellent advice, especially about including videos and images. These days people are more visual than ever before, so using sub-headings, videos and quality images are a must. I also like using info-graphics or including relevant social media posts and what not. And a strong CTA is important, as you mentioned. I think a lot of people struggle with creating strong CTAs, but the more they practice, the better they should get at it. 

    1. Thank you Nate. I am glad you found my article informative and useful. I think many content marketers will find it is full of valuable information. I use these tips every day.

  2. Very Good! You have taken the time to explain in detail what the steps were in creating a high quality website. I don’t know much about your subject, but I was able to follow, visualize and understand clearly what it takes to produce a masterpiece.

    You not only write about it, you follow up with action to support your claim and I like that.

    1. Awesome, I am glad you enjoyed it and found it to be useful. I am here to help anyone who want to create a successful online business, especially in affiliate marketing. 

      Yes, I do follow what I am preaching, because it is the right way to create high quality content that keeps people coming back for more.

  3. I learned so much from this article, and from your entire website, actually.  Your writing style is wonderful.  It’s easy to follow and absorb and fun to read.  I like the bullet points, which you use a lot, and I think it’s an effective way to give information.  You know, I did not know that over half of the people who reach my site will only spend 15 seconds?  Aaah, that’s terrible.  I pour my heart into my site, and I want people to stay.  That’s why I always take a bit away from every site I visit, good or bad.  What I liked and what I didn’t.  Thanks for a great article!

    1. Awesome Babsie! I am glad you found my article and my site useful and informative. I have worked hard to develop a site to help people with all their online business needs and will continue to do just that. And maybe if I get really lucky, some will click some affiliate links and help me as well.

      Thanks again and best of luck to you and your site.

      P.S. If you ever need any help, send me an email.

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