What is Content Marketing for SEO? [Content is King!]

What is Content Marketing for SEO?
What is Content Marketing for SEO?

Let me guess, you are doing ads, posting to social media, tweeting your products, and many more marketing tactics to get traffic to your website, but it just isn’t working. Traffic isn’t increasing, you are not getting conversions or sales. Many of us affiliate marketers are frustrated and confused about all this SEO stuff and Content Marketing. The problem is we just don’t really understand how content marketing and SEO work. Are they supposed to work together or each on their own? Can we get them to work together? We really need to know, what is content marketing for SEO and how can we force them to work together to make us more successful?

In this article, I am going to answer all those questions and more. I will also provide some great tips on creating quality content. Let’s start with defining content marketing so we all understand what we are doing.

What is Content Marketing?

I would be nuts to think I could create a better definition for Content Marketing than the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), so here it is:

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Great, what does that mean?

It basically means, instead of creating marketing pitches for your products, services or whatever, you provide very relevant and incredibly useful content to your readers, or prospective customers, that will help them solve a problem or issue they have.

That makes sense right? You want your content to provide all the information reader needs to help them solve a specific problem. You want to help them.

Your content needs to be written for your audience that is looking for the solution you are providing in your content.

More content tips are coming later in this article, but we also need to understand what SEO is and why it is so important.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the mostly technical process that increases the visibility of your site and the pages of your website in the search engines. It is all about the most crucial things you can do or add to your site to enable it to appear at the top of all the search engine rankings. When a visitor does a search and finds your relevant keywords, and you are close to or at the top of the search results, the more traffic you can expect to get. The more traffic your site gets, the more likely it is that you will make money. There is an equation I think applies here. It is traffic=more conversions=more money in the bank, and is critical to all affiliate marketers.

It is natural for most people who do a search on the internet, to be interested in the search results that show up on the first few pages. It is rare that searchers will go beyond the first page of SERP. It is critical that your website appear as early as possible in the results, if you want a good volume of traffic to your site. This enables your website to get a higher rank in other search engine results by optimizing the content of your website, resulting in the pages of your site appearing much more frequently.

You can learn a lot about SEO on the internet and optimize your website yourself, but if you want consistent and solid results, it may be to your benefit to get some Affiliate Marketing Training and SEO training from one of the many quality companies on the internet.

Read my Full and Detailed article about SEO by CLICKING RIGHT HERE!

Ok, now we know what Content Marketing and SEO are in general, but do I really need to do both?

Do I need to Do Content Marketing and SEO?


I could just leave it at that but that would be mean:) You can do Content Marketing campaigns and/or you can do SEO, and both on their own will create some traffic. But, when you combine them, your traffic will go up exponentially. As Neil Patel said. “SEO makes demands. Content marketing fulfills those demands.”

Here are some examples of what Neil was talking about:

  • SEO demands high quality content, Content Marketing provides content in many forms. You can do content in text, videos, podcasts, YouTube, and many other forms on a consistent basis to provide high quality content that is optimized for SEO.
  • SEO requires useful keywords, and Content marketing is all about using keywords. I like Jaaxy for Keyword Research. You probably already know how important keyword research is to your content. You must have the right keyword for internet searchers and search engines to find you and rank you on the first page, respectively.
  • SEO expects some authoritative backlinks. High quality content through Content Marketing ensures backlinks will occur. Backlinks are still big in many of the SEO experts minds. But bad backlinks can hurt your rankings, so don’t use backlink services. Provide high quality content and become an authority in your niche and you will get backlinks for authoritative sites.
  • Website technical SEO is necessary. Content Marketing needs a great user interface and experience for your site users. The technical part of SEO for your site is about optimizing all the site parameters, like the robots.txt, proper metadata, using proper tags, using an accurate sitemap,  and many other Technical stuff that you can learn about in my SEO article.
  • Google requires fresh and high quality content. Content Marketing is creating high quality original and unique content consistently. To create high quality content that your users are looking for, you need to understand your users intent. In other words, you have to do your research to figure out what your users are looking for in your particular niche. You need to create this content on a consistent basis. At a minimum, you need to create at least one to two articles a week if you are doing your own content. If you can outsource your content, five a week should be realistic.

As you can see, SEO and Content Marketing need to work together for your site to be successful at creating traffic and conversions. There are some more ways to make sure your content is going to be effective. Read on for those tips.

What Makes Your Content Effective?

As you can imagine, every piece of content you create is different and unique and we all have our own styles of creating content. If you can create content that follows the following tips, it will help tremendously to drive more traffic and get you more conversions so you can reach the passive income you are looking for.

Do as many of the following suggested tips for creating great content for your users/readers:

  • Create Informational Content – Make sure your content provides useful information for your niche subject. It needs to be original and interesting for your readers. Make sure it provides something new that prospective customers haven’t seen anywhere else.
  • Make Sure Your Content is Educational – Your content needs to instruct your users on the issue and how you are solving it. Teach them how to get over the current issue. It should be helpful and educate them to help them with their problem that they have come to you for a solution.
  • Make it Entertaining – Your content needs to be fun and readable, along with being that latest information available. Make sure it captures the readers imagination. You want your readers to want more.
  • Make Sure Your Content is Shareable – You want your readers to want to share what they are reading with their friends, family and others they know are looking for the solution you are providing. When I say share, I am talking about sharing on social media as well to attract more readers and get more conversions. Go as far as you can so it may even go viral. Imagine your traffic with viral content.
  • Satisfy Your Readers Emotionally – I like to make my readers laugh, so I always add some funny lines so they want to keep reading. You really want your readers to be able to connect with your content on a personal level if you can. Sometimes, even a sad story they can relate to that may even bring them to tears. This may depend on your niche.

Always make sure to proofread and edit your content before publishing it. Add relevant images, pictures and graphics.

You can check out my Content checklist I use before I publish any content RIGHT HERE.

Hopefully you see some useful tips above. I personally use all of these in my articles, even in product reviews.

Conclusion: Content Marketing is a Must to Be Successful in Online Businesses!

Hopefully, I have made it clear that SEO and Content Marketing need each other and when they work together, they can be explosive for your online marketing business.

And don’t ever forget, in Content Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, CONTENT IS ALWAYS KING!

If you have nay questions at all, please feel free to contact me, and I look forward to your comments below.


6 thoughts on “What is Content Marketing for SEO? [Content is King!]

  1. Hey

    That is such an amazing article. It resolves so many doubts about SEO and content marketing. As an affiliate marketer rankings are very crucial and we need to optimize our posts and pages continuously. Can you provide some tips on optimization? I like the tips on writing good quality content. Thanks for putting it up 🙂


  2. Content marketing is so important and you have provided some quality information.  Information that is relavent is so cirtical not only to our SEO efforts but also in providing value to our tribe of followers.

    Useful content and ideas will never go out of style.  It sure beats the standard sales pitch.  Good content allows the prospect to get emotionally involved and sell him or herself on the product or service.

    Good job on describing what makes content effective.  All in all you have provided a valuable piece of content for folks to consume and share.  All the Best.

    1. Thank you Joseph. I am glad you found the information informative and useful.

      Content marketing is just as important as SEO and they have to work together.

      When people search and find your keyword on a search engine, you want your content to provide them with the solution to their problem. But you have to make the content interesting, engaging, funny but useful and much more.

      Thanks again Joseph for actually reading the article and providing me and others with useful feedback.

  3. You have put a lot of information in your “content marketing” post…I also read your SEO article.  SEO is so crucial to success and it is so difficult for me to get right — I hope my site is on the right track.  I do try for solid, original content, and I include humor, too.  I think if you can make people laugh, you are much more apt to keep them reading.

    Lately I’ve been trying to check out Google before making a final keyword selection, to see what kind of keywords show up for the subject matter I’m discussing.  If I can figure out what question folks are asking, and use that in my title if possible, I think folks would be much more apt to read it.

    Learning SEO does not happen overnight.  I hope I’m beginning to understand.

    1. Thank you Fran. I am so happy you found my articles useful. And, you are very right, SEO and Content Marketing take a while to master. And just when you figure it all out, don’t worry because Google will just change the rules again.

      You are doing the right thing by using Google to see what people are searching for in your niche. We all should be doing that, at a minimum.

      I would recommend you may want to check out my article on Long Tail Pro, since it is an awesome tool we should be using, except for the cost. Check it out by CLICKING HERE.

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