What is Authority Hacker? – Is it the Best Advanced Affiliate Course?

What is Authority Hacker?
What is Authority Hacker? Click the Pic above to get started today if you don’t want to read the article.

There are so many “experts” on the internet giving advice on affiliate marketing and everything associated with it. Sadly, many of them never actually tried what they are teaching us. It is just all theory on what should work. For me, that just doesn’t get the job done. I have found a group that only talks about and teaches about the things they have tried and that they know works. That awesome site is called Authority Hacker. Don’t worry, these guys are not internet hackers. In this case, hackers is a good thing. They do not even talk about things that might work or that they think will work. So, let’s find out, what is Authority Hacker?

 What is Authority Hacker?

Authority Hacker was created by Mark Webster and Gael Breton back in 2014. They had originally dabbled in grey-hat techniques and found them to be too risky. Now they only use white-hat ethical ways to build online businesses.

This site mainly consists of three levels of training to help you create an authority website for your chosen niche.

First comes The Authority Site System (TASS). In this system you will learn about many things related to creating an authority site and the skills you need to be successful.

TASS covers all of the following Topics:

  • Doing Market Research – You need to know how to do market research to make sure you are getting into the correct market with your chosen niche.
  • Keyword Research – You have to make sure you have to right keyword research tool to effectively find the right keywords. Guessing at this stuff is just not an option.
  • Setting up the Technical Part of Your Site – You need to know which plugins to use on your site to make sure it is performing correctly. You also need to make sure it will load at fast speeds to keep your users on your site.
  • How to Design and Brand Your Site – You don’t want to get crazy and try to make your website perfect with all the right fonts and colors. You just need to choose a theme that makes sense for your brand. You will find it is very easy.
  • Creating High Quality Content – When writing content for your site, it is more than just writing about the topic you choose. It has to be content that appeals to your audience and has to be SEO compliant to make Google happy. You can waste of lot of your valuable time writing content that is not useful to your readers. Here you will learn how to do it right with white-hat techniques.
  • How to Build Links Correctly – Even if you have the best content in the world, you still won’t get ranked by Google highly, unless you add quality and authoritative links. That’s right, you needs to add links and have authority site links back to you to make Google happy. Buying links is never a good idea and you can be penalized for bad links.
  • Monetizing Your Site and Content – This is what it is really all about, creating way to make money with your site. This will include affiliate links, ads, banners and much more, all of which you will start learning in this section.
  • Hiring Help or Outsourcing Some Work – At some point in this process, you will find it difficult to keep your content up to date, along with everything else you will be doing. When you get to that point, it may be time to hire some help or outsource some work, like creating content for you by a service that does that for a living. You will learn how to choose the right kind of help.
  • Setting up Tracking and Analytics – You will need to constantly analyze your traffic, conversion, your CTR, your CPC and track your progress at least on a weekly basis. This way you will be able to see where you need to make improvements.

⇒ The are more than 70 video lessons and over 120 over the shoulder videos showing how and what to do.

You will get real life case studies on many subjects.

You will be provided with copy and paste templates that are known to work.

A list of things to do while building your site is provided to keep you on track.

You will have access to an online active member community to talk to, and a question and answer Forum.

It looks like The Authority Site System®(TASS) covers everything you need to build your own authority site, that will be very profitable. It is a step-by-step course that lets you bypass all the mistakes that most beginners make in building their own online business.

Every step of the process of building an authority site has been recorded for you to watch as it is being done. How much easier can it be than that. Saying how to do something is one thing, but video recording it and showing it is a whole new ball game for me.

This is all sounding amazing, but is this course for everyone?

Who is this Course For?

If you are a beginning internet marketer, this course is for you. There is no experience necessary to get going on building your own online money making business.

Have you been in the online world for a while and you are not making any money at it? You need this course, to get you on the right track to making the money you deserve. This system is proven to work and it will work for you.

Are you looking to create an online business that is highly scalable? If so this course is for you as well. This is the exact system that Mark and Gael use to build their empire and it will work for you too.

How do I Know Whether to Get TASS or Authority Hacker Pro (AHP)?

TASS is really for the beginners to people just getting started in online marketing, affiliate marketing and online business. AHP is for the more advanced online business who is making at least $1000 a month and is looking to ramp their business up even further.

If you are a newbie, it is not recommended that you spend your money on the Pro version. You need to learn the basics first with TASS.

Will I Need to Spend More Money on Tools?

Yes, you will need to spend a few hundred dollars on the recommended tools to get your site going full speed. If you don’t want to by the tools, you could outsource your content writing, but that will cost you as well and can get expensive on a month to month basis.

What is the Price for The Authority Site System and Upgrades?

The normal price for TASS is $997, but there are usually discounts of 40% or more available.

Upgrading to Pro will cost an additional $797 or you can pay for it in 6 months at $179 a month. This is a very advanced course that will turn you into a professional internet marketer.

Then there is Pro Platinum and it will cost you $1797. You should not even consider Platinum until your site is making $1000 – $5000 a month and you are ready to scale up bigtime.

My Verdict on Affiliate Hacker – I am Very Impressed!

I am highly RECOMMENDING this course, because I just can’t find any downside. It leads a newbie one step at a time and has videos to show each step. I haven’t found that anywhere else. You don’t need to buy the upgrades until you are making real money and maybe not even then, because you are going to learn everything you need in the first training in TASS.

I would put this training platform as my #2 or 3 behind my favorite.

CLICK HERE to get started with The Authority Site System with an easy payment plan option.

If you would prefer to learn the same things and even more and try it with a FREE trial membership and even get two free websites, CLICK HERE for my #1 Recommendation for Affiliate Marketing Training.

6 thoughts on “What is Authority Hacker? – Is it the Best Advanced Affiliate Course?

  1. Hi Curtis,

    I haven’t heard of Authority Hacker before and it still seems pretty young (2014).  

    However, it seems to be reputable.  Is it possible to list it’s benefits apart from being useful for newbies and advanced marketers? From what you say here, all the levels are very interesting, but it would be helpful to expand further on what ieach level consists of.

    If I wasn’t already with WA, I would be interested to know what the detail of Authority Hacker brings to the table for the cost.

    Thanks for letting us know about this!

    1. The benefits for newbies and advanced affiliate marketers are listed in the article. I will be creating another article for all the benefits in the Pro and Pro Platinum platforms. There is too much to list all in one article. This article was focused mainly on The Authority Site System which I pretty much anyone needs.

  2. Hi, Thanks for the great post on The Authority Hacker.  I have a few questions: Is The authority Hacker the same Course as The Authority Site System or would I have to start on the TASS and then go on to purchase The Authority Hacker?  How is The Support for this Program?  Would I have to get my own Keyword Research Tools, Domain, Hosting, Autoresponder etc.? Thank you so much.

    1. Authority Hacker is the website and TASS is the first of three training courses they offer. There is a complete support community along with a Q & A forum and more. Yes, you do need to get your own tools and they will tell you which ones they recommend that are mostly free.

      For the record, all the questions you asked were in the post. Maybe you didn’t really read it.

  3. My husband use to be a big time cheat, and I was curious of getting proof about it for real. While I was searching for information online, I kept seeing recommendations about Wealthy Affiliate online. I was curious about what it was and after reading your articles, I understand and I am very interested in affiliate marketing so I can get out of my job and spend more time with your family.
    Thank you so much for your site and the useful information.

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