Making Money Online Courses – Commission Breakthrough Review

Making Money Online Courses
Commission Breakthrough
Making Money Online Courses – Commission Breakthrough

Who doesn’t want to make money online? I know I would like to. But, it isn’t easy unless you have the proper training to set up a website, create a niche, publish content, start an email campaign, and much more. I am writing this article, for all of that you need to know about making money online courses.

There are many online and SEO training courses available and you need to know which one is the best to help you get started. I am here to help you with that.

Making money online has become a very competitive niche. There are now many advanced digital tools along with video courses that have been created with the intent of helping newbies and even advanced affiliates work more productively.

In this article, I will be telling you all about one such online training software, called Commission Breakthrough.

What is Commission Breakthrough?

Commission Breakthrough is an affiliate marketing training program. It consists of ten training videos in the format of an interview. It will teach you how to find affiliate products and/or services, how to create a landing page and a squeeze page. All of this is critical to affiliate marketing. This training was created by someone who believes they have found all of the best methods for being successful in the affiliate marketing world.

As with many other training programs, Commission Breakthrough has several upsells if you really want to get to the next level.

The first upsell is copy and paste templates for you to use that will save you a lot of time.

The second upsell will teach you how to set up and do email marketing campaigns. You will also need to pay for an email optin and email response system, so things will start to add up quickly with this platform.

Commission Breakthrough Features.

Here is a breakdown of the features you will get with Commission Breakthrough:

  • You will learn how to promote affiliate products without having to invest any money whatsoever.
  • Learn a way to triple you income pretty much automatically, that is scientifically proven.
  • Learn how to automate your online affiliate marketing business, and earn commissions even while you are sleeping.
  • Learn how to legally and ethically make money from your competitors hard work.
  • Use proven copy and paste secrets using templates that are proven to work.
  • Learn how to get people to purchase your affiliate offers that will give you an unfair over your competition.
  • Learn the massive mistakes most affiliate marketers make, and avoid them.
  • Learn why many people leave tons a cash on the table so you won’t.

Some awesome features, if only the training was as good as it sounds.

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Commission Breakthrough Pros and Cons.

As with any online business opportunity and training, Commission Breakthrough has some good and some bad.

Here are the Pros and Cons associated with this product:


    • No software needed to install.
    • Good for newbies and advanced affiliates.
    • Reasonably affordable (before the upsells).
    • Mostly practical and useful training.
    • Videos clearly explain much of what you need to do. (Just  little short of what you really need)


    • You will not make money as quickly as advertised.
    • Training is lacking.
    • To be successful, you will have to buy the upsells.
    • You will need to purchase third party email optins and more.

Who is Commission Breakthrough Developed for?

Commission Breakthrough was originally created for newbies to easily get started in affiliate marketing. It has added more training for even advanced online money making experts.

How Does Commission Breakthrough Work?

It is pretty straightforward. You need to sign up and create your account.

You will then start the training and find products to promote.

Next you will learn how to build your landing and squeeze pages and then actually create them.

Now you need to get some traffic using solo adds, that you will sadly have to pay for.

Once you start getting traffic, you will start to get commissions.

I do not recommend paying for adds in the beginning of starting a new online business. Their are much better methods to get free traffic that you can learn on other affiliate training programs, such as Wealth Affiliate.

Affiliate marketing takes a lot more work that Commission Breakthrough tells you about. It is not a get rich quick scheme. If you want to create a real online money making business, you will need patience to get it set up and running, before you can expect to make any real money.

Should I Get Commission Breakthrough or Something Else?

I have to be brutally honest with you, you should not even consider purchasing Commission Breakthrough, as they have gone out of business. They were such a scam, they finally died. Instead you need to consider what I believe is the best affiliate marketing training available on the planet. Of course I am a little biased since I am a member of them as well. I am referring to Wealthy Affiliate! They are truly awesome. You can check them out for FREE by clicking the following banner:

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