Is the Super Affiliate System a Scam? – Full Review

Is the Super Affiliate System a SCAM?
Is the Super Affiliate System a SCAM? Click the above Picture to check it out for yourself!

Affiliate marketing is a really good way to make money online now days without having your own inventory of products. There is no selling, no packaging and no shipping. You get to promote other people’s products on the Internet and you get a good a commission from each sale you generate. Sounds pretty easy, right? A lot of people think they can just start doing it right away, and start earning $1,000’s a month online, without much effort. The reality is, there ARE some people who are doing this. There are even people who are making far more per month. Many of these people making big bucks have all been thru the Super Affiliate System. But what exactly is that and is the Super Affiliate System a SCAM or is it a legitimate training platform?

Read on to find out!

What is the Super Affiliate System?

This course was developed by Super Affiliate Master, John Crestani. He is a very highly respected affiliate expert that has helped thousands of people to learn about affiliate marketing. This course was actually released in 2015 but has now been updated in 2019.

The Super Affiliate System is a comprehensive, easy to follow step-by-step course designed to help you also become a successful super affiliate. The course was 6 weeks of extensive training, but has recently added a 7th and 8th week, with more to come. It was actually a course known as Internet Jetset that taught people how to get started with affiliate marketing.

Let’s have a look at everything you will learn with this training system.

What Will You Learn With this Training Platform?

As I mentioned above, there are currently 8 weeks of training with two more weeks being created right now. I can’t possibly cover every single detail of the training in one article, or you would never finish reading it. Yes, there really is that much training.

Let me tell you what you won’t get here that you would normally get in an affiliate training course.

  • You will not learn anything about SEO.
  • You will not learn how to write high quality content, and you won’t need to with this system.
  • You won’t learn how to create YouTube videos.

Here is what you will learn in this training program, week by week (8 weeks as of the writing of this review):

Week 1 – The System Setup:

  • Learn how to set proper and attainable goals. It is vital to set goals that you can achieve.
  • Learn how to join affiliate networks.
  • How to set up your site.
  • How to create and set up your presell page(s).
  • An introduction into setting up facebooks.
  • Learn how you have to work with affiliate networks.

Week 2 – Understanding the System:

  • All about the different types of affiliate networks, i.e. Clickbank, Amazon, CJ Affiliates and many more.
  • How to choose your niche and the associated research for that niche.
  • How to choose affiliate programs.
  • Creating competitive secret advantages for yourself as an online affiliate marketer.
  • How to choose one ad network to master.

Week 3 – Marketing Skills:

  • Find out what copywriting is and how to write the most profitable advertisements with captivating headlines.
  • Learn several keys on how to do great presell pages.
  • Learn how to basically hypnotize people so they have no choice but to buy your products/click your links.
  • How to optimize your affiliate campaigns to be highly profitable.
  • You will use a 17 step process to do expert copywriting.

Week 4 – Doing Facebook and Google Ads that WORK:

  • Step by step instructions to create affiliate ads that comply with Facebooks add policies. This has become hard recently so this part of the training in a big deal.
  • Choosing the right audience on Facebook and Google for your niche.
  • Creating Google ads that leverage Googles network to get the most click and a great return on your investments.

Week 5 – All About YouTube and Native Ads:

  • How to set up professional YouTube ads.
  • Creating native ads on Taboola, Outbrain and MGID to accelerate your affiliate business.
  • More on Facebook ads with expert Tim Burd.
  • How to structure all you ads to convert to commissions.
  • How to track all your ads and do A/B testing.

Week 6Scaling and Automation:

  • See several scaling case studies.
  • How to use surveys funnels.
  • How to scale your campaigns for much higher profits.
  • Automating your business, how and why you must automate.

Week 7 – More Ad Networks, Including LinkedIn, Bing and Taboola:

  • More about how to use paid advertising on Bing and LinkedIn.
  • More on how to use text ads and native ads.

Week 8 – Correctly Implementing the System:

  • Advanced information on choosing your niche.
  • How to have and develop the right mindset.
  • How to choose your affiliate programs.
  • How to choose your affiliate networks to work with.
  • Learning all about Intent in your ads and articles.

Week 9 and 10 – These are currently in the works and will be added to the training soon.

So much more training comes with this course than I have even covered here, plus there are several other bonuses once you get to the members area in the training.

Here is a snapshot preview of the members area once you join TASS:

TASS Members Area Preview
TASS Members Area Preview

Who Will Benefit Most From this System?

I think beginners or affiliate marketers who are not interested in creating content, will benefit from this training the most. It is geared toward people looking to create wealth without creating a bunch of websites and a ton of content.

What is the Super Affiliate System Going to Cost Me?

The following is taken directly from the Super Affiliate System website created by John Crestina:

You can own  Super Affiliate System 3.0 ($4,985 value) with an investment of ONLY $997, which includes:

⇒  No-questions-asked 30 day money back guarantee, there is zero risk for you to try.
⇒  Instant access to the entire Super Affiliate System 3.0 library with over 50 hours of video content, login anywhere anytime.
⇒  Learning how to create an online business from scratch, jump-start your business like you’re on steroids.
⇒  Interactive coaching, John’s hand-picked coaches that will provide you with all the guidance you need, this is a big hit with new affiliate marketers.
Support from our community income earners, you are the value of the 5 people you meet, be prepare to meet like minded people who are just like you.
Arsenals of best tools and resources to jumpstart your affiliate marketing journey, don’t let the technical slow you down, let us do the vetting for you so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

What are the Pros and Cons With this System?


  • This is a Step-by-Step Course so you can’t really go wrong.
  • It is easy to navigate through the course for beginners looking to make money online.
  • Contains a bunch of awesome resources and tools for your affiliate marketing business.
  • There is a community of active members to help you along the way.
  • There are Live Webinars all the time.
  • John’s handpicked coaches are there to help you as well.
  • The Course is constantly being updated.


  • There are some claims that may be unrealistic in the beginning.
  • The cost may be a little out of reach for many just starting out, but I think the price is reasonable compared to some others.
  • I don’t like the fact that there are affiliate links inside some areas of the course. I think John already makes enough money without that.

Final Verdict on the Super Affiliate System – Definitely NOT a SCAM!

I really like this training platform. I wish I had known about it earlier on in my affiliate marketing career. I like the fact you get everything that has already worked over and over again for John and his many apprentices. There are lots of real testimonials of his peers as well. I mean come on, this guy has been featured in Forbes magazine.

Bottom line, if you can afford it and can afford to pay for ad campaigns, this is for you and you will not regret it.


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8 thoughts on “Is the Super Affiliate System a Scam? – Full Review

  1. Hi Curtis

    Interesting review of the Super Affiliate System, I was just wondering given that the course is laid out over 8 weeks are these live webinars that I have to attend each week or is all the information contained in pre-recorded videos for me to work through? I have to admit that I like the idea of not having to create a mountain of content. My other question is how much am I likely going to have to spend initially on Google and Facebook ads to make this system work?


    1. The  Course is videos. The Live webinars are optional and free, so why not watch them and learn even more current information.

      The ads are cheap in the beginning, but eventually you will need to spend more to get to the big money.

      I know some of the big guys spend thousands a month, but they make 6 or even seven figures a month.

  2. This looks like a course that could compliment what we learn at Wealthy Affiliate quite well. There are definitely key differences. What’s your take on the comparison between the two platforms?

    Having a set time period to complete each module seems like a bit of a ‘double edged sword’ to me though. On the plus side it gives you a clear schedule and accountability, but what if someone is unable to keep that schedule due to an unforeseen circumstance? Is the 8 weeks set in stone, or is it just a guideline with all the training accessible in a back office?

    1. The 8 weeks is not set in stone. Once you purchase the course, you will have access to all the training and you can do it on your own pace if you want.

      I don’t really think this compares to WA because you aren’t doing SEO and your aren’t creating content.

      It is a different way of doing affiliate marketing using ads, funnels, email lists, etc.

  3. A most interesting review on the Super Affiliate System, think that I may have come across it before but not sure. However you cover what I consider to be the most important points, should someone wish to purchase a package that does not need a load of content writing, this would attract a number of people.

    You mention cost which is a fair point, but look at the value you are getting as you rightly point out, anyone spending this sort of money would certainly get reasonable value.

    Have dealt with John Crestani in the past, and purchased  some products from him, can certainly vouch for his  integrity.

    All in all a very forthright and honest post.

    1. Thank you Stuart. My posts are all honest and provide the best possible information so readers can make an informed decision.

      I completely agree with you about John Crestani, he is a highly respected super affiliate in the online business world.

      Anyone who is interested in this course and can afford it, will benefit from it greatly and in a shorter period of time than other affiliate marketing courses.

  4. I have heard a lot about this Super Affiliate System, and even got a recommendation to try it out, so I decided to find out what is all about.

    I am glad to know it is a legit system, and the idea of not having to worry about content creation really sounds great.

    I am glad its a step by step course that can walk me through in building my own business.

    My only question is, is this $997 fee a lifetime fee or will I be required to invest more along the line?

    Secondly, do you have any idea what the support system is like?

    1. The fee is a lifetime fee, but you will have to pay for ads on Facebook, Google and others. That is how this system will make you money.

      The support system is really good and you can get answer during the live webinars as well.

      It is a good system for affiliate marketers, without creating a ton of content.

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