Is Social Jukebox the Best for Social Media Management? – Lets Review and See.

Is Social Jukebox the Best for Social Media Management

Do you post all your articles on social media, like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn? How would you like to have a tool that automates all of that for you and posts all your articles on a schedule you set up without you having to check your social media at all? Couldn’t you use all that extra time to create more high quality content without having to worry about posting to social media?

Good news, Social Jukebox is just that tool! It is an automated social media management tool through which you can easily load content into a “jukebox” and set when you want to share social media posts. More on the “jukebox” shortly. So you ask, is Social Jukebox the best social media management tool on the market for online businesses? Read my detailed review to find out.

Let’s look at some basic information for this amazing tool.

Basic Information for Social Jukebox

Application Name: Social Jukebox
Website URL:
Price Ranges: Free to Start and then $19.99/month – $99.99/month, $199.90/year – $999.90/year
Social Jukebox Founder, Owner and CEO: Tim Fargo

My Overall Rank: 98/100 (Because nothing is perfect 🙂

Basically, Social Jukebox offers a bunch of features that allow the user to schedule posts or tweets over 100 times per day, depending on the package you sign up for. With this tool, it is very simple to schedule your posts and manage other social media activities, like thank you tweets, mentions and even targeted posts. You will be able to set different times for your social media activities for each and every day of the week.

With Social Jukebox, you can easily link to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Unfortunately, right now, those are the only social media accounts that can be used. Updates are coming to add more social media outlets soon.

So, What is this Jukebox Thing?

If you are like me, you are going to love your Jukeboxes. You just load a jukebox that you easily create with content. Next you decide how often you would like it to tweet or post to Facebook or LinkedIn, and then turn it on.

Each Jukebox can store thousands of Tweets and posts and you set them up with the cool scheduling software. You can send tweets or posts from one to over a 100 times per day to each of the three available social media platforms. And the great part is, your scheduling is completely flexible, allowing you to set different schedules for each day of the week.

When your selected jukebox runs out of tweets or posts, it will start over from the beginning and keep tweeting and posting. You can even decide how much time you want in between posts getting repeated, which is awesome.

It is all completely automatic once you get it set up and then it does its thing and you can focus on other important things like creating more high quality content.

Here is my own Jukebox. It wasn’t turned out at this point:

My Jukebox
My Jukebox

After I clicked on my current jukebox name, “bestlowthelp” Here is what it looks like with my posts already added. It show recent post times on the right that is filled in automatically as this tool posts for me on social media. You can also manually post any of your posts right away with the “Post it Now” button.

Jukebox Posts
Jukebox Posts

Next, I clicked on the “Schedule” tab so you can see how to set up a schedule. You also have the option to have this tool Automatically set all your posts up on a schedule. This is good if you have hundreds of posts.


My Jukebox Schedule
My Jukebox Schedule

Next, I clicked on the Visual Schedule on the left of the screen. This is the actual schedule that was automatically created for me. You can see the seven days of the week and in my real window, I can scroll down to see every hour of the day to see what is scheduled:

Jukebox Visual Schedule
Jukebox Visual Schedule

You Can Set up Targeted Posts.

You probably have some posts or tweets that you would like to be repeated at specific times to ensure your followers see it. This would be times like Christmas, Thanksgiving or maybe even a birthday message. Targeted posts on social jukebox allow you to easily do that.

Scheduled posts are those that you want sent out on a specific date and frequency. By scheduling your posts, you can get your information in front of your followers daily, weekly, annually or several times a day. This scheduling tool is incredibly flexible to set up your targeted posts.

Set Up Automatic Thank You Tweets

When a user mentions you, wouldn’t it be great to automatically thank them for their support? With Social Jukebox you can easily do it by using the “Thank You Tweet tool”.   You can create as many as 500 customizable thank you tweets. Your jukebox system will thank the top Twitter users that mentioned you during the week. Once you turn it on and set up your thank you message, this feature is automatic, you don’t have to do anything else.

Create a Mentions Database

Your Social Jukebox will automatically collect all mentions of your Twitter account 24/7.  Every mention is captured and stored in your own database. You will then be able to see mentions over time in a graph format. You will see who your top promoters are using two different metrics – volume and reach. And of course, this feature is automatic as well!

Here is a Video Overview of Social Jukebox:

What is all of this Going to Cost Me?

There is a FREE starter membership that last 7 days. This is plenty of time to get your jukebox set up and watch work. Check out all the Pricing plans below. Sorry this is just a picture. You can't click and subscribe here, yet. I am using the Advanced package and for me it is more than adequate so far.

Social Jukebox Plans
Social Jukebox Plans

Is there any Training for Using Social Jukebox? - Of Course.

There is some video training available on YouTube. It isn't great but it is enough. You can check it out HERE.

There are other tutorials online as well and they are pretty good. Just search for "How to Use Social Jukebox"

For Support, there is a FAQ and you can contact customer support and they respond quickly.

You Need Social Jukebox to be Even More Successful in Your Online Business - More Time for Other Things

In my humble opinion, Social Jukebox is the BEST program or tool available, for automating your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts, hashtags, and quotes to social media platforms.

Social Jukebox also has a feature that allows you to schedule thank you posts to your newest followers. Overall, Social Jukebox saves you time for you to complete other tasks for your business.

It lets you analyze your mentions. What other tool does that?

The only drawback I see is the limited social media platforms that are currently available. There are more coming soon though.

12 thoughts on “Is Social Jukebox the Best for Social Media Management? – Lets Review and See.

  1. This sounds like a great idea. I have to post to each social media outlet individually right now and this sounds like a real time saver. It’s a shame it only works on those three social networks so they need to have more integrated before I would use it.

    It sounds like a nice program to use to engage people through your social media channels. I’ll definitely look into it later.

    1. It is awesome. It takes care of posting over forty of my articles every day to Twitter, Facebook and LinkIn. I have them customized to maximize each of the social media outlets based on when people are online for each one.

  2. This seems like a perfect platform for people that deal with social media on a daily basis. For example people that may be handing social media for big corporations.

    I wonder though if it’s worth buying for he average affiliate marketer?

    It seems you enjoy using this a lot. After you started using it, did you notice a signficant increase in your traffic, and more importantly more income as well?

    1. I do like it a lot. While it is posting for me, I can devote more time to my posts on both my websites. The first week I used it, I went from 500 visitors a week to 3000 a week. It works. My sites are still in their infancy so still working on the money part of it but I am getting the traffic so the cash will be coming in soon.

  3. Wow, this sounds really useful and I didn’t even know something like this existed! I could definitely use more free time to create content…thanks for the useful review.

  4. This comes very handy at the moment for me, I was already setting my mind to be on social media a greater part of my day and this is horrible it prevents you from creating content because you get easily distracted by all the tasks you have to perform in a daily basis. Do you have any idea about the time that the other social networks will be included in the Jukebox?

    1. Thanks Jerry. My biggest issue with Jarvee is that you have to install software to your computer. That is a security risk for me. Social Jukebox does not need to install any software and is still an awesome product. They will be adding more social media outlets soon as well.

      Thank for reading and for your comments. Social Jukebox – Start Free Trial

  5. Pretty awesome tool. I don’t have any money right now so I guess I will pass my turn for now, but it’s definitely something I would consider in the future. Thanks for showing me this product.

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