Free SEO Software Tools [Best Free SEO Tools 2019]

Free SEO Tools
SEO is a Must for your Site!
SEO is a Must for your Site!

As I showed you in my previous article, there are plenty of SEO tools that you have to pay for. But, there are also a lot of really good Free SEO Software Tools online that will drastically improve your sites/pages optimization.

Is there a big difference between Paid and Free SEO Tools? Let’s find out.

What is the difference between a Paid and a Free SEO Tool?

Besides the fact that you have to pay for Paid SEO Tools, they are also much more professional. I always believe you get what you pay for. You cannot expect the same quality of SEO services if you only use Free services, but they can still do a lot for you.

If you are serious about your online business and SEO for your site(s), you will probably have to eventually pay an SEO service to get you to the next level. But, not all paid services are created equal. Check out my article on the best-paid SEO services by CLICKING HERE.

Paid tools are extremely valuable in SEO when you need more advanced features, increased limits, stored data, or online support.

In the rest of this article, we will find out all about the features available in the best Free SEO Tools. I am not including Google tools in this article since I already covered them in the article mentioned above.

Will Free SEO Tools Help Me Increase my Site Ranking?

Not only yes, but heck yes!. There are some great free SEO tools out there that will absolutely help you optimize your sites/pages. Optimized websites always rank much higher than low quality and non SEO sites, by a lot.

There are probably several hundred Free SEO Tools available online today. I am only planning on focusing on the best and the ones that are the most useful to you. Many people in the online community have used and reviewed these tools so they have been thoroughly tested. I am only including free tools that meet my requirements as follows:

  1. The tool has to be one that is broadly used by the online SEO world.
  2. It has to be completely Free, not just a free trial. OK, maybe a few really good Free Trials.
  3. It has to be a high-quality tool that not only analyzes but also tells you how to fix your SEO issues.

Before we Get Into the Free Tools, What are the Benefits of SEO Software?

Here are some of the most important benefits of SEO software tools:

  • They will help you save in Keyword Research Time. Keyword research can be very time-consuming. SEO tools will make this tedious task much easier and more efficient, so you have more free time for other important aspects of your online business.
  • Better Targeted Keywords. SEO software tools can find your keywords based on their relevance, value, competition, and much more, including other relevant keywords, along with many other critical metrics. You will be able to quickly find the important long-tail keyword sets that may be unique and very profitable to your online business.
  • Get more traffic. We have to get as much relevant traffic as possible to create more conversions and profits. The more efficient your SEO work is, the better your search engine rankings will be. More traffic, more leads, more conversions, all equals more passive income. Who doesn’t want that!?
  • Awesome Insights into your Links. The best SEO tools will help you more easily manage your links, whether they are internal or external. You will be able to track all inbound and outbound links, along with broken links. You can even see how your competitor’s websites are doing along with their ratings.
  • Get great Content Ideas. As part of your keyword research, you will also see some really good content suggestions with many SEO tools. You can look at keyword trends for your content. Find the most popular trending topics in real-time. This information will help make sure your website is always current with what is going on in the online markets and the latest interests.

There are even more benefits of SEO tools, but those are probably the most important. You will see more in the tools I will list below.

What is the Best Free SEO Tool?

I may have lied earlier. I said I wasn’t going to mention Google Tools, but I really have to here. Google Analytics and Google Search Engine have to be at the top of the list of the best Free SEO Tools. Google happens to be at the top of the food chain when it comes to SEO. They have the ultimate power to determine how SEO will help your site’s ranking, along with Bing and other search engines.

Using Googles SEO tools is really a no-brainer, and yes they are Free.

More Great Free SEO Tools.

Here is a comprehensive list of some awesome Free SEO Tools and what they will do for you:

  • Wayback Machine: This is a really interesting and cool tool. This is actually an archive of the entire internet. With this tool, you can see how any site has changed over as much as the last 15 years. Looking at the progression of other sites can provide you with a lot of great insight into the evolution of your own site.
  • Screaming Frog: I consider this to be one of the best free SEO tools for your website. It emulates how Google and other search engines would crawl your site. After it evaluates your site, it will give you a comprehensive spreadsheet that you download to your computer. With this detailed spreadsheet, you will have actionable information to use on your site to improve SEO. Looks for broken links, duplicate page titles, along with information about your content, including all the Meta information and the amount of content on each page.
  • Keyword Hero: With Keyword Hero, you get to see which keywords users actually searched for, to land on your page – in your Google Analytics account. Other tools do not provide the users intent in this way. User intent is critical for knowing how to get more traffic to your site. Also show all of the metrics related to your keyword, including bounce rate, sessions, page/session, session duration, etc.
  • Answer the Public: This is a very popular free tool that just recently has added a Pro Paid feature that is awesome. The free version is still great. You just type in your keyword and you will be provided with a ton of questions that searchers are looking for answers to, along with content recommendations. How cools is that?!
  • UberSuggest: Another great Free tool that Neil Patel recently took over gave it a considerable overall. If you haven’t tried it, you should give it a shot, because it goes way beyond keyword suggestions and offers a lot of extended SEO capabilities, like basic link metrics and the highest competitor pages. Check out my full review of this awesome Free tool by CLICKING RIGHT HERE.
  • Mobile-Friendly Test, Mobile SERP Test, and Mobile-First Index Checker: All three of these check your site to make sure it is compatible with all mobile devices. This is critical in today’s world of mobile devices. They will also provide you with things you need to do to make your site mobile friendly, with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test being the best.
  • SEOQuake: This is a very powerful browser extension that allows you to; Conduct on-page SEO audits very quickly, Find and investigate all the site internal and external links, compare any URL and/or domain real-time, and in the end, you can export all the data into a file for easier viewing. Over 3 million people have downloaded this tool and use it routinely, so it must be very useful. Following is an image of an example of SEOQuake’s toolbar that will appear on your browser for any search:
SEOQuake example
SEOQuake example
  • Lighthouse: This is an open-source site audit tool that will determine the performance of your site. Metrics include your site page load times, page issues, link issues, URL issues, and much more than I can cover here. Yes, it is that detailed of a report, that includes things that you need to fix to improve your site’s SEO. CLICK HERE to see all the benefits of Lighthouse. Here is an example of a Lighthouse audit and there is much more than this:
Lighthouse Audit Example
Lighthouse Audit Example
  • Mozbar: This is a free extension that provides information on five important categories for any website you visit. These include on-page elements, general attributes, link metrics, markups, and HTTP status. On-page information includes the Page title, Meta description, Meta keywords, H1 and H2 headers, and Alt-text. Mozbar also provides information on links and other usual metrics, including Page load time, Page and Domain Authority, the Total number of links, and External links that are followed. This is a great tool to help you understand your competitor’s sites.
  • Keywordit: This is Reddit’s Keyword Research tool that is designed to work specifically for subreddit keywords. To use the tool, you would just enter any subreddit, like ‘r/low testosterone’, and it will provide you with a list of at least several hundred keywords along with their monthly search volumes.  Really good to find out the current topics of interest for your audiences.
  • WooRank: SEO Checker and SEO Audit Tool. With this tool, you can generate as many website reviews as you want and you get to track your progress in real-time. You will see information and you can generate reports that will provide you with; website analysis where you will learn how to improve your website rankings and your online visibility through SEO, social media, usability, and a lot more. You will be able to track and fix any and all of your website’s issues. Analyze your competitor’s keywords using the Competitive Analysis Tool. Track your keyword positions, search volumes, SERPS, and your history. A great tool that does have a paid update now.
  • BrowSEO: This one is so cool! It lets you see what your website looks like to a search engine. This will help you figure out if Google’s bots have any trouble crawling your site. Here is an example: Thanks SEJ.
browseo example
BrowSEO example.
  • CanIRank: The name kind of says it all. CanIRank will tell you if your site will rank on the first page of search engines for a specific keyword. That is pretty cool that it will provide you with the probability that you’ll rank for a search term and it even uses AI to give you even more suggestions on how to target keywords in a better way. Here you will also get solid steps to help get your site ranking higher with better SEO.
  • My favorite Chrome Browser add-on or extension for keyword research! These guys got tired of paid keyword research so they created their own and it is Free for life. That by itself is awesome, but the best thing about it is that it is awesome and works great. Everywhere provides the following benefits:
    • You get keyword results right in your Chrome browser so you don’t go back and forth for keyword research.
    • It provides immediate monthly search volumes for keywords.
    • Gives you the Cost Per Click (CPC) breakdown for each keyword.
    • You also get related searches and “also suggested” search terms.
    • It loads fast and provides very quick information related to your search term.
    • It provides plenty of Geo locations and those are being updated almost daily.
    • Free forever to use. You can’t beat that especially when it compares to some paid tools.

Here is an example of what you see with this tool. You see the WMS Everywhere info on the right:

WMSEverywhere Example
WMSEverywhere Example showing Search Vol and CPC, right on your Chrome Browser.
  • SEObility: Another good site audit tool that crawls your site and provides with SEO issues you have like slow page load speed, pages that are blocked, other technical SEO problems, sitemap issues, and much more. You can also get a report on content-related issues like thin content, keyword stuffing, missing metadata, and even duplicate content issues. Here is an example of the report you get:
SEObility Example
SEObility Example
  • Keys4Up: This keyword tool is different from most others. It generates lateral, or variations of your keyword term. In other words, you get keywords that are associated with your keyword, that people are looking for. It doesn’t provide monthly search volume, but you can export the CSV that is provided into another tool that will provide search volume.
  • Panguin Tool: All you have to do is add this extension to your Google analytics, and you can find out if your organic traffic drops happened with any of Google’s major updates. Google is always making algorithm updates without us knowing and this tool will help us keep on top of them. A must-have for us all!
  • Lipperhey: Another full website analyzer that provides you with a list of related keywords to add to your site to increase your site rankings. Here is a great example when using this tool:
Related Keywords Example
Related Keywords Example
  • BeamUsUp: This is another website crawling tool, much like Screaming Frog, but with less overall capability. It does find issues on your site quickly and there are no forced limits like there is with other similar tools. Others will charge you if you have too many pages to crawl.
  • SERPRobot: If you are like me, you are routinely checking what position your website is for a specific keyword search. With SERPRobot, you won’t need to do that anymore, because it will keep track of it for you. It will provide you with a graph showing you the day to day position of your website for your keywords. It will also provide the following information for your website on a daily basis:
    • Keyword: Which Keyword you want to monitor.
    • Change: The change in position from the previous day.
    • Latest: The current position.
    • Best: The best position your site has gained for the keyword.
    • First: The first position found when your keyword was first created.
    • Search Volume: The search volume for your keyword.
    • Updated: The most recent day and time of the last crawl.
  • The Free version of the Keyword Tool will generate up to 750 long-tail keywords for every search term you enter. And, you can use this tool even without creating an account. It is very reliable and always works, where other keyword tools don’t. This keyword research tool uses Google Autocomplete when you are entering your keywords, just like when you do a search on Google. This will speed up your keyword search times a lot.
  •  Copyscape: Another must-have in my opinion. With this tool, you can find out if anyone has copied your content very quickly. Google penalizes duplicate content so you need to know this information.

WOW, that is a lot of information on some really great Free SEO tools! I learned a lot from just researching and using many of them.

If you made it this far, I know you are serious and I would like to invite you to join me as a member of the Best Affiliate Marketing Training available, where you will also learn everything you need to know about SEO. CLICK HERE to give it a try for FREE, and not CC is needed. You can try it free for six months, but going Premium is a very smart move to give you access to everything you need for your own online business. Cost you nothing to see if it is for you, and I have several bonuses for you when you join. See you there soon!

Free SEO Tools are Awesome for Most SEO Issues.

There is so much information and so many SEO tools available nowadays that it is easier than ever to do SEO. The tools in this article are just some of my and other affiliate marketer’s favorites. There are many more on the internet. They may be FREE, but they are still great for getting your site optimized. Just try them and find the ones that work best for you.

When you are ready to really scale up your business, check out my article on some awesome PAID SEO Tools. Most of them also have free trials.

I hope this information helps you get your site(s) fully optimized to make you, your customers, and especially Google happy.

6 thoughts on “Free SEO Software Tools [Best Free SEO Tools 2019]

  1. SEO software tools is a must if you’re in a content writing, affiliate marketing or any online business. It greatly improves your landing pages if you know how to utilize it properly. In the short span of 3 months in the business, I have read a lot about necessary tools and software that can help to increase your passive income. This is also the reason why I get agitated and insecure because most of it are purchased. Since I am only new to this industry, I haven’t gotten much capital to purchase those products because I have to see yet how this will work for me. This is the first time that I have come across an article about free SEO with a thorough explanation for each software brand. Thank you for sharing and I’m gonna try some of it. My part is to learn how it works for my advantage. I appreciate this article.

    1. Yes, as a newbie in this industry, you should only be using free tools across the board. You have so much to learn and you need to be patient and learn all you can from the free tools. There also so really good free trials of paid tools that I have got a lot of use out of and never paid them a penny. Try that as well.

      And don’t forget all the free Google tools. They are great and will help your SEO skills tremendously.

      Best of luck to you and feel free to contact me if I can help in any way.

  2. Interesting article you have up here and it is very helpful and worthy especially for rookie marketers like me. Search engine optimization is the goal for everybody especially with the goal of having better ranking with the search engine. Since people like me run on a very limited budget, the only option is to go for free tools that can help with productivity and I must say, this list is really great with excellent tools that has excellent features. Thanks for this great post

    1. Thank you and yes there are great FREE SEO tools out there. These will help you in your SEO journey tremendously. Having little or no budget when starting out is the norm. Same with me, although I have tried some paid tools. Best of luck to you and happy SEOing.

  3. Wow, did not ever think that some company’s actually rolled out their platforms for free to people. If you ask me, I’d say that’s totally awesome. Currently, I’m using a paid SEO platform and I think I won’t be needing any free for now but I’ll be sure to recommend this post to anyone whose just starting off.  Thanks so much for the information, you must’ve done alot of research?

    1. I did a lot of research, but I have been using many of these for a few years so I am familiar with them. Which paid SEO are you using? I have used and love SEMrush and SERanking. People with small budgets, just starting out will get a lot of use from these free tools.

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