Franklin Hatchett Course – [Savage Affiliates Comprehensive Course Review]

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Franklin Hatchett Course – [Savage Affiliates Comprehensive Course Review]
Affiliate Marketing Training Courses are a dime a dozen now days, and who really knows which ones are worth the cost. Costs can range from $49 – thousands or dollars, plus those infamous upsells. I really despise upsells! I have taken a few affiliate courses and one of them cost me a ton of money, and they just kept wanting more for the next “awesome” level. Just about went broke on that one and I didn’t learn nearly enough to be successful online. As I continue to look for the best online affiliate marketing training available, I have found a few I really like at good prices. The one I am reviewing today for you is considered to be the “Only Online Blueprint You Need”. It is called Savage Affiliates and is a Franklin Hatchett course. More on Franklin later.

Let’s get right into it!

What is Savage Affiliates?

Savage Affiliates is an all-encompassing Affiliate Marketing course created by Franklin Hatchett. But, who is that? Well, Franklin Hatchett is a drop-shipping expert and affiliate marketing guru. He has created several very popular training courses on eCommerce and Drop- Shipping.

This course is all about the techniques you need to use in affiliate marketing. You will learn how to make up to $10,000 a month and potentially even more, using both free and paid traffic. It is focused on helping students learn how to make a full time passive income by promoting and selling products or services for many other businesses that have affiliate programs.

With affiliate marketing, you will earn a commission for every sale that is made on the affiliate programs you sign up with. All you have to do is figure out how to get plenty of traffic to your niche website. This is never an easy task, and that is where the Savage Affiliates training comes in. They provide plenty of ways to get both free and paid traffic, and will show you the secrets that will help you out.

The training is several modules full of videos and demonstrations. Let’s look deeper into that.

What is in the Savage Affiliates Course Material?

There are currently 9 sections/modules in this course, including over 70 videos, along with a Bonus 10th section all about Funnels.

Here are the 9 sections:

  • Affiliate Introduction – Starting the Foundation
  • Niches and Products – The Niche Research Academy
  • Building Your Assets – The Website Academy
  • Clickbank Affiliate Marketing – Clickbank Academy
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing – Amazon Affiliate Academy
  • SEO Traffic – SEO Academy
  • Paid Traffic Training – Paid Traffic Mastery
  • Free Traffic Training – Free Traffic Academy
  • Email Marketing Training – Email Marketing Academy

Let’s get into some detail on each of these Modules:

  • Module 1 , Affiliate Introduction (Starting the Affiliate Marketing Foundation) – As you can imagine, this section will be your introduction to what affiliate marketing is all about. You will learn in an easy to understand way, how to start affiliate marketing with absolutely no experience. If you have some affiliate marketing experience, you should fly through this section and pick up a few things you may have forgotten.
  • Module 2, Niches and Products (In the Niche Research Academy) – There is total of 12 videos in this section covering the critical parts of affiliate marketing. Franklin will teach you his own secret strategy on how to find your own winning niche(s). You will also learn how to find the high converting Affiliate Programs within your niche.
  • Module 3, Building Your Assets (This is the Website Academy) – In this section you will of course, learn all about building you website that will be generating your commissions. You don’t have to have a website to do affiliate marketing, but most people prefer this method, so it is included. Topics covered will include buying your domain name. navigating and optimizing your website, which plugins you need and how to install them and these are all using WordPress. If you already have an operating WordPress site, you may want to just skim over this module to see if you need any of the recommended plugins.
  • Module 4, Clickbank Affiliate Marketing(Yep, this is the Clickbank Academy) – I just want to say that I love Clickbank. So many products to promote in just about every niche. In this section you will learn all about how to make money using Clickbank. It is actually very high quality training on the strategies that Franklin and others use to make thousands of dollars on Clickbank. You will also learn how to join Clickbank, if you are not already a member. Everything you need to know about taxes, W8 and W9s is covered here. You will get some product reviews, learn how to use keyword research tools, keyword ranking, writing your articles and adding them to your website and so much more.
  • Module 5, Amazon Affiliate Marketing (Your Own Amazon Affiliate Academy) – Amazon is very popular among affiliate marketers, because they are the biggest eCommerce platform in the world. Commission are not always the best, so you should pick a niche that has high ticket items on Amazon to increase your commissions. You will learn how to apply to become an Amazon Affiliate and how to set up your account.
  • Module 6, SEO Traffic (White Hat SEO Academy) – You have to know how to do SEO properly to make Google happy so they will rank you on the first page for your content. Franklin has ranked for some of the best keywords on the planet so he will show you step-by-step, how you can do it as well. This will get you plenty of free organic traffic that is high converting. You will learn about both onsite and offsite optimization along with proper link building.
  • Module 7, Paid Traffic Training (Paid Traffic Mastery) – Pretty obvious by the name, this section will be all about using paid traffic to really increase your high converting traffic. Learn how to properly target the right audiences and the right countries for your niche. You will learn about the best paid traffic methods and the best places to use paid adds. You will get deep into keyword targeting and tracking. Find out how to select your audiences based on many parameters, including location, age, behavior, interests, genre and more. Bottom line, in this section you will learn all you need to know about paid traffic. Sorry, you will have to pay for your own traffic.
  • Module 8, Free Traffic Training (Must Have Free Traffic Academy) – Getting free traffic is how we learn to truly start getting passive income. You will learn great strategies for getting free traffic, like posting your content on social media. You will get the step-by-step instructions and videos in this section to become an expert on free traffic. This is part of doing SEO and high quality unique content on your site and getting ranked on page one of Google. That is the best way to get free traffic.
  • Module 9, Email Marketing Training (We Can Do Email Marketing Academy) – Eventually you will need an automated email marketing system to scale your online business. You will learn which email opt-ins and autoresponders are the best. You will learn how to set up email marketing campaigns. Learn how to get the highest open rates for your emails being sent out.

And then there is a BONUS Funnel Academy that is thrown in for free. Here you learn how to build funnels and even be able to copy and paste some of Franklin’s own proven funnels.

BONUS #2 is full access to the Savage Affiliates Private Facebook group, where you can talk to fellow affiliate marketers on any subject you may need help with.

What is this Training Going to Cost Me?

Currently, the Savage Affiliates entire course is only $197 one time fee that includes lifetime access, and updates are included. No addons and no upsells. Soon I hear it is going up to $497 or even $997, and even those are good deals for all you will get.

I would recommend you get in on this while it is only $197. I am for sure! Too good for me to pass up on some awesome training.

Give it to Me Straight – What are the Pros and Cons of Savage Affiliates?

I had to look pretty hard to find any negatives with this program.

Here are the Pros and Cons that come with Savage Affiliates:


  • There is a lot of great information from and expert in the online business world.
  • The Modules contain easy to follow step-by-step training.
  • 2 Bonus’s are included.
  • Funnels are provided that are proven to work.
  • Plenty of videos in the training to follow.
  • More valuable training than most other affiliate marketing training available.


  • No free keyword research tool.
  • You will have to purchase an email service somewhere.
  • You will need to buy a domain.
  • You will have to host your site somewhere.
  • You will eventually need to pay for traffic to scale up.

What is the Verdict for the Savage Affiliates Course?

This is a quality set of training modules and I am impressed with Franklin and his success. I would recommend this course more for beginners than advanced affiliate marketers, although I think either would benefit greatly from the funnel training and the private Facebook group.

Is there better training that includes a free keyword research tool, includes webhosting, low priced domains, a massive support community, is FREE to join and you don’t need a Credit Card? Yes, there is and it is my #1 recommendation. You can read all about my #1 recommended Affiliate Marketing Training and Webhosting, by CLICKING HERE!

8 thoughts on “Franklin Hatchett Course – [Savage Affiliates Comprehensive Course Review]

  1. Sounds like a good program. But what I find as well you have put in this blog is most of these programs are for beginners. Advanced people would probably not really find benefit in Franklin Hatchett’s Savage Affiliate program. 

    Other than Wealthy Affiliate, I have not found a program which offers beginners and advanced training. No keyword research I feel is essential to any affiliate training. How do they teach their learners how rank for blog posts?

    1. They do teach how to do SEO the right way, as WA does. They also teach about finding the right keywords, writing high quality unique content and many other things on ranking on the first page on Google.

      I think it is worth the money for most anyone, because I found useful information in the Funnel section and also in the paid traffic section.

      Not bad for $197. Note: I am not an affiliate for them, but I would be.

  2. Nice to know that there are legit programs like these out there. The price is really a huge pro, compared to other well established affiliate marketing courses. This really makes it stand out at the moment. But I wonder, in essence, all these affiliate marketing courses, they all basically teach you the same thing, right? They all share the same core curriculum, with a few extra bonuses making the difference between them. Or am I wrong?

    1. I think in general, they all teach similar things. But this one is from an expert in the online business so I give it more credibility. I like their funnel training and email system training. I think for the price it is worth it for people just starting out, instead of paying a monthly fee.

  3. Sounds like the Savage affiliates course would be good for someone who already has a website and just wants training. Since the cost is a one-time only fee, the purchaser would not have to worry about the issues that occasionally pop-up with periodic subscription payments. But then, beginners may be better off with an all-in-one package that includes training as well as website hosting services. Popular packages include Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama, and Solo Build It!

    1. I agree with you that it may be best for someone that has a site with WordPress already set up, especially if they are lacking in affiliate marketing training. Great price for all you get.

      I also think it works for beginners because there is so much valuable information provided. It is unfortunate that you have to get a domain, site and other things outside, but Franklin makes very good recommendations for those.

      Thanks for your comments, and I agree that Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama are good options with excellent training.

  4. This sounds like an awesome program, however, for me, I found that it is very challenging to use some of the Affiliate or internet business training courses out there because even though they teach you what to do, they do not have all the tools in one place for you to use. 

     They may coach you on what services to use but then you have to fork out more money to buy each tool or service, most of the time they are actually earning a commission by recommending the tools and services they are telling you about. Some of the Facebook groups formed in support of such courses are not very supportive. Do they actually tell you upfront what you need in addition to their course in order too successfully set up and run your online business?

    1. You are right on. But this one is a good course and they do provided recommendations for everything you need when you get to that section of the training. Their Facebook page and forum is actually really good and very supportive. I have no problem recommending this to anyone looking for good affiliate marketing training and I am not an affiliate for them.

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