Build Effective Sales Funnels – Click Funnels Review

Build Effective Sales Funnels
Build Effective Sales Funnels
Build Effective Sales Funnels


What if there was a tool you could use to execute your ENTIRE online business, and also would allow you to build effective sales funnels? Well, I’m happy to inform you that such a tool does in fact exist, and it’s called ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is an online service that was developed by Russel Brunson over four years ago. ClickFunnels was among the first landing page builders that came with easy drag and drop features, which made it easier for users to make sales funnels quickly. It simplifies marketing, selling, and delivery of products and services online, and provides users with funnel options, which are pre-built to suit their specific business needs.

In the past, the traditional online funnels involved a lot of work to set up; you had to do website hosting, email autoresponders, landing pages, and so much more and have them all work together. It used to take a lot of hard work and was time intensive and also expensive. ClickFunnels, on the other hand, incorporates all these together in one place and even more, and presents them to you in a comprehensive, unified package. You will no longer need to deal with them individually, one by one.

Overview of ClickFunnels Benefits

ClickFunnels simplifies sales and marketing for any type of business. With a variety of sales funnels to choose from, you can have your funnels customized in a way that attracts your intended clients. There are funnels designed and organized for webinars, membership sites, sales, subscriber lists and each one of them is very different from the others. Typically, while selling a subscription or peddling an e-book may be similar in terms of them trying to sell, they need to be dealt with differently. ClickFunnels saves the time and effort needed to organize sales funnels from scratch and helps speed up sales funnel setup.

Once you’ve selected the type of funnel you want to set up, it would be easiest if you had a template to get started and ClickFunnels helps us out with that as well, as it comes with a variety of templates that are tested and proven to work. These templates help accelerate your A/B testing phase because you won’t go through the hassle of filtering out templates that aren’t performing.

ClickFunnels has a user-friendly interface that enables you to easily integrate animation, videos, countdown clocks, and many other components to your templates. Once your templates are set up the way you want them, you can then go and perform your A/B testing to see what is working best for your situation.

ClickFunnels is loaded with a ton of feature for your business.

ClickFunnels Features

ClickFunnels is easy to integrate with other apps, which makes their funnels work pretty much flawlessly.

Here is a rundown of ClickFunnels’ main features:

  • ClickFunnels – It simplifies building of sales funnels by use of the existing templates, which come in a wide variety for users to choose from depending on the funnel you need to build.
  • Actionetics – Enable users to send sequences and messages that create simple follow-up funnels, speak to customers directly, and reach the intended audience at all times.
  • Backpack – Makes it possible for users to add an affiliate program to either of their sales funnels thanks to the pre-designed template pages.
  • Etison Editor – This is a ClickFunnels Page Editor that enables users (even the non-technical users) to drag-and-drop components to build and design pages quickly.

ClickFunnels Plan Options Pricing

As of the writing of this review, ClickFunnels comes in two different pricing options and both have a 14-day free trial to help you determine what is right for you.

ClickFunnels Lower-Tiered Plan – This is a basic ClickFunnels plan that costs $97 monthly and it is best suited for businesses that are just getting started. With the plan, you have access to about 20 funnels, 20,000 visitors, 100 pages, and a limitless number of members and contacts.

⇒ With this plan, you also have access to numerous ClickFunnels features including:

• A/B Split Tests
• Opt-in Funnels
• E-mail Integration
• ClickPops
• ClickOpt-in
• Sales Funnels
• All Advanced Funnels
• Membership Funnels
• Webinar Funnels
• Auto Webinar Funnels
• Hangout Funnels
• Upsale Pages
• Order Pages
• Funnel Sharing
• Down sale Pages

The Etison Suite Plan – The Etison Suite offers ClickFunnels’ top-tier of services at a cost of $297 monthly. It best serves businesses that need more than what the basic plan offers. With the plan, you get access to unlimited pages, unlimited funnels, and unlimited visitors.

Of course, you get everything in the lower-tiered plan plus all of the following services:

• Priority Template Requests
• Priority Support
• Unlimited Commission Plans
• Actionetics
• Manage E-mail Lists
• Visual E-mail Builder
• Send Broadcast E-mails
• Track Opens, and Clicks
• Complete Customization
• Action Funnels
• Auto Responder Series
• Send Location Based E-mails
• Send E-mails on Social Media
• Flexible & Advance Segmentation
• SMTP Integrations
• Action Scores and Lead Scoring
• Backpack
• Magic Social Contact Profiles
• One Time Payments
• Unlimited Affiliates
• Easy to Setup 1-Click
• Billing Integrations
• Subscription Plans
• Manage Commissions Paid and Owned
• See Top Affiliates and Manage Affiliates
• Branded Affiliate Sign up and Special Area

Who Can Benefit from ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a very successful platform because it enables businesses, just starting our or advanced, to build landing pages within sales funnels with a robust record of accomplishing conversions. Essentially, ClickFunnels was created to benefit anyone with an idea, product, or service they want to sell.

What makes ClickFunnels stand out is the fact that it is designed for all entrepreneurs who want to create their own Webpages without any intensive website design or programming knowledge. ClickFunnels handles this job ahead of time and users only need to point and click until their pages look exactly how they want them to be. You can literally make the pages and funnels of your dreams.

Is ClickFunnels Worth it?

With the basic plan going for $97 per month and the Etison(Full Suite) costing you $297 monthly, you may wonder if ClickFunnels is really worth the monthly costs. Well, ClickFunnels comes with a plethora of services to help you market and sell your products more easily. So, let’s see what you will get and you can decide if it is worth it for your business.

What you’ll get with ClickFunnels is:

  • The ability to create funnel pages such as the interstitial for up-sell pages, Opt-in pages, “thank you” pages and the cross-sells pages.
  • You can do A/B testing for all pages that are a part of your funnel from your main landing page to your thank you page.
  • ClickFunnels enables you to create membership sites. After signing up for leads, you can get access to an exclusive membership area where you can create and maintain your association.
  • ClickFunnels is equipped with features that make it possible to manage, recruit, and pay affiliates.
  • ClickFunnels is integrated with PayPal and Stripe. This enables you to receive payments for products, services, and membership sites after a sales funnel.
  • With the autoresponder (emails) features, you can use ClickFunnels to do lead nurturing. You can basically reap all the benefits of automation when you use ClickFunnels, without having a separate email opt-in or autoresponder service.
ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp
ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp – Click Picture and Retire in 100 days.

What are the Pros and Cons of ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is an important tool that enables users to create professional looking landing pages even without any coding knowledge. It provides users with email advertising functionalities that help capture leads as well as close deals easily. However, everything good in this world has its downside, so following are some of the pros and cons of ClickFunnels.


  • Built-in e-commerce and shopping cart feature: While other software needs integration and custom coding, ClickFunnels has the process done in-house, saving you time and a huge headache.
  • Plenty of training materials: From guides and templates to YouTube channels, ClickFunnels provides you with the tools you need to get up and running.
  • All-In-One Solution: It offers users functional multiple parts of software at an affordable price. ClickFunnels have been able to keep the costs down and the process streamlined.
  • Intuitive Workflow: ClickFunnels eases work especially for non-technical people who want to build opt-in workflow or gated content. Out of all the funnel options out there, ClickFunnels is the easiest to use with a very small learning curve.


  • The site can be quite confusing at first: The setup of URLs involves 2 different screens, which brings confusion especially for first-timers.
  • Reporting: The analytics and reporting dashboard is very general and doesn’t really compare to those of their competitors.
  • Some builder or template options are a bit dated: You may need to work with a designer when using ClickFunnels.
  • It is a bit pricey: For the Business option, at $297 a month. But, if you are trying to make big money, you have to invest in yourself.

Some Final Thoughts on ClickFunnels.

If you are looking for an easy way to manage funnels and all the other things that go with an online business, ClickFunnels is definitely the way to go. They are really enabling people to grow their companies through sales funnels.

ClickFunnels offers some pretty great tools that go to the next level in the funnel world. They provide analytics and decent reporting built in, that can be integrated fairly easily with other apps. With an impressive execution speed, everything is spelled out for you in order to ensure a smooth flow to getting your funnels up and running full speed ahead. You can confidently run your entire business with ClickFunnels, and it’s a great tool for selling and lead generation as well.

ClickFunnels is Highly Recommended in my humble opinion.

6 thoughts on “Build Effective Sales Funnels – Click Funnels Review

  1. Thank you for the post on Sales Funnels and the review on Click funnels. I’m still new to the online marketing world and I’m having trouble understanding how Sales funnels help you get traffic? If you do not have any traffic to begin with could you explain this to me? I see the good in having autoresponders. But you have to have people going to your site to do that in the first place correct? Thank you for the post hope to hear back from you.

    1. It is hard in the beginning to use funnels. You don’t even have to have a site to use funnels. You use funnels to get more traffic to your site and then to your products/services.

      Everything you need to use funnels is available on ClickFunnels. You don’t need a site to get started since everything you need is included to run your entire online business.

  2. ClickFunnels sounds very helpful and useful. 

    I am just building my website with no lots of traffic yet. I am starting to learn Pinterest at this point as well for my social media outlet, which is slowly building traction as well.

    For a newbie like me who is still not earning, the monthly fee is quite high. 14 days free trial is doable but the monthly fee is quite expensive.

    I will come back later and consider buying it when I have the finances to support it.

    THanks for this valuable information.


    1. I agree it is a bit pricey. The 14 day trials are pretty good so you can decide if it is a good fir for you or not. Lots of people make good money with it as an all inclusive platform.

  3. Hi Curtis!!

     I really enjoyed your article on Click Funnels. It was very informative. I am really new to Affiliate Marketing and so much of this information was very useful to me. 

    I appreciate your straight forward approach and let me know some of the downside as well as the good. Will be considering Click Funnels as something for me in the future.Thanks!



    1. Thank you Lynda. I try to provide all the information I can so you can make an informed decision. I believe in ClickFunnels for most people.

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