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Best Website and Affiliate Training
Don't want to read my whole Review, CLICK the picture and check it out for yourself!
Don’t want to read my whole Review, CLICK the picture, and check it out for yourself!

Do you enjoy the 9 to 5 grind? Do you enjoy working for someone else? Do you enjoy making a bunch of money for someone else? If you answered no to any of those questions, you should probably read this article to learn about the best website and affiliate training available anywhere, in my humble opinion.

Many people have said to me, ” I wish there was a way to create a website for free”. If you are one of those people and you would like to be able to create a website absolutely for FREE, today is your lucky day! I have searched long and hard for a way to do just that, and I found it, along with many other amazing tools and even expert help, all for free to start out. I am convinced that Wealthy Affiliate University is the best website and affiliate training available anywhere.

If you do decide to join for free and get started, I will provide you with a welcome message and a link to my article on getting started that will make creating your own website even easier.

And, at the end of this article, I will tell you about more bonuses you will get if you go Premium in the first seven days! It is a win-win situation for us both.

Welcome to my review of Wealthy Affiliate, based on my experience there. And, I plan on being there, for a very long time!

Wealthy Affiliate – Legitimate Affiliate Marketers Dream Site?

I am here to let you know, it is definitely not a scam. So what exactly is it, and how does it work?

CLICK HERE to read an awesome blog post from the Founder of Wealthy Affiliate, where Kyle provides all the reasons you should become a member for free, and get your online business going.

Wealthy Affiliate(WA) is a site that is solely and completely dedicated to affiliate marketers and internet entrepreneurs to create successful online websites and businesses. This is done through detailed step-by-step training. At WA you have access to all the tools and services that you need, along with world-class support from industry experts, through chats, blogs, emails, and more. The WA team members and super affiliates are truly masters of their craft.

If you have tried to build a business online and have been scammed or continuously up-sold along the way, Wealthy Affiliate is going make you wish you would have come here first so you could save yourself a lot of time, headaches and money. You are going to learn how you can literally take anything you are passionate about, which is called your niche, and build a very successful business online. There is really no experience necessary and you don’t have to be an internet wiz. You just follow the step-by-step training and complete each task to get your fully functional website up and running. I did it in a very short period of time. In the training, I had my website set up and running within a few days, and I was no internet or website expert for sure.

Please continue on to see how this is all done!


⇑ WA steps and how-it-works in Four easy steps. ⇑

Step Number 1 – Choose Your Niche.

The first thing you are asked to do is choose a niche. A niche is basically any subject that you are passionate about. It isn’t necessarily something you currently know everything about, but something you can do your own research on and still become an authority on that specific subject and also related subjects.

As an example, you can choose a niche in the Health industry. Health is a little broad so you would need to narrow it down to something like Men’s Health. But, that may still be too broad so maybe narrow it down to men and their low testosterone levels. That’s pretty specific and would work great. That happens to be the niche I chose and as of writing this article, I have already written about 40 posts on the subject. UPDATE: I have now written over 130 articles on my niche site.

It can truly be anything you want and the potential is just unlimited because there are literally billions searching the internet for your products or services.

You can right now if you want to, totally for free to see if this is for you. CLICK HERE NOW TO CREATE YOUR SITE TODAY!

Step Number 2 – Build Your Very Own Website!

Now that you have your niche idea, you can start building your website. Wealthy Affiliate has all the tools and training to help you with building the foundation for your business, your website. They use a site-building suite called SiteRubix that is already fully integrated with WordPress. It is awesome and really easy to use. You can literally build your site and have it up and running in a few minutes with initial information, while you are in the training. It walks you through each step to get your website created and how to set everything up so you can start creating content, add images, and anything else you can think of that is relevant to your site’s niche. You can choose from several free themes and if you go premium, there are thousands of themes to choose from.

All the content you create, all of the traffic you generate, all of your rankings(mainly Google ranking), and all of your revenue is generated as a result of your website. You can create a website for FREE today! You read that right, FREE, and there is no credit card required, there is no additional cost and you will have a fully functional website you can start your online business with. You have nothing to lose. Even if you decide to not go on to the advanced training that comes with the Premium membership, you will still have a website that you can make money with, but it will be harder without the awesome training that comes with the premium membership. More to come on that.

Step Number 3 – Let’s Get Some Traffic to Our Cool New Site.

My goal with my website is to help people in my niche and hopefully make a little money with my website at the same time. It is important that your niche is something that is going to help people in some way. If people believe you are there to help them with something, they are much more likely to visit your website. Once you get them there, that is when they will see your products or services. To do that, we need to get as many people as possible to visit our website. If no one comes to our site, we have no one to help or sell to. This is a very important part of your online business.

If you already have a site, this is an awesome analysis tool. I use it too.
If you already have a site, this is an awesome analysis tool and not expensive. I use it too.

In the very early lessons at Wealthy Affiliate, you will start learning about the best ways to get organic traffic to your site and how to use those tools. This will eventually be done by getting your website indexed and ranked by search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Each search engine has its own criteria for ranking you. The biggest of these criteria is by becoming an authority in your chosen niche to gain trust by the search engines. This does take some time and that is why I want to make sure you understand, this is not a get rich quick scheme. It does take some time, dedication, and effort to get your site to the point of trust and authority. Anyone that wants to get out of the nine-to-five grind, can be successful by following the training on Wealthy Affiliate. It is second to none in my humble opinion!

UPDATE: This online business you can create is not affected by any Pandemic like other normal jobs. It will make passive income for you no matter what, as long as you do the work to create your online business with this training.

One of the best ways to get highly ranked and get people to your site is by using keywords in the content you create. The training will show you exactly how to do that and provide the tools you need to do keyword searches. You will learn how to determine which types of keywords are the best for your niche.

The tool I highly recommend and the one I use exclusively, and the one WA members use is called Jaaxy. This is the best “Keyword and Niche Research” tool on the web today, as far as I am concerned. I truly love it and use it on a daily basis! You can try it out now for free with your starter membership. Just click on the Jaxxy picture below to check it out:

Step Number 4 – Time to Make Some Money!!

Ok, now that we have traffic, one of the best ways we can create revenue on your website is through really cool programs called “affiliate programs” which it turns out, are completely free to join, and there are thousands of them available to join. As with the previous Steps, WA training shows you step-by-step how to find and join affiliate programs. They also show you which ones they recommend, that they know by experience are the best and that have great and profitable products. You want to find affiliate programs that will provide you with great commissions. Nothing to it, right!

No Products, No Shipping, No Product Support, No Returns in Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate programs will allow you to promote just about anything you can imagine without owning or creating the product yourself. You have no inventory. You don’t deal with any shipping. You don’t have to worry about product support. And you can operate your business from anywhere in the world whether you are at home, on vacation or wherever. You just need your laptop and an internet connection and you can do this on the beach while having your morning coffee or tea.

As an affiliate marketer, people will click on affiliate links you create on your website and that will send the traffic to the company website. You will learn exactly how to set up these links and set up some call-to-actions (CTAs) that will attract people to want to click and follow.

The affiliate programs will then pay you a commission of as much as 75% in some cases, as long as your customer buys something.

Here is an example I borrowed from WA:

Just one example is becoming an “affiliate” of As an affiliate, you can promote over 588 MILLION products on Amazon and earn a commission of 6-10%. A single referral can lead to $1,000’s in commissions to you! It depends on the product(s) you are promoting.

And for your information, there are over 100,000 Affiliate Programs that you can join, so the potential is massive.

But, you do not have to do affiliate marketing. You can create your website and sell your own products if you want. Personally, I like the fact that with affiliate marketing, I don’t have to deal with inventory, shipping, or anything like that. Just post links or banners for products that you believe in, inside the quality content you are going to create and off you go.

Here is a comparison of the different memberships you can choose at Wealthy Affiliate. There are only two options and no upsells like all the other training programs out there on the internet. Notice, you can do it for Free for the first 7 days and longer if you want:

NOTE: If you go premium, you can pay yearly and it is much cheaper than the $49 a month.

You can get 50% off the yearly premium membership from November 23rd, 2019 – November 26th, 2019 by clicking the Black Picture Below. This is an awesome deal and can help you start making money even quicker with the Premium access to ALL the training. Don’t miss out on this deal! If you did miss this deal, you can still click on the picture and check out all the benefits at Wealthy Affiliate. Watch for my update for the next Black Friday deal to come.

My Conclusion On WA As A Viable Online Business Builder – Are You Kidding, ABSOLUTELY!

Just so you know, Wealthy Affiliate members can choose between the free starter membership and the paid premium membership. It is best to join for free, try things out for a while, then decide if premium makes sense for you. From my experience, you cannot go wrong with the premium membership. Even with the free membership, you will be able to build a fully functioning website, but when you go Premium, you could build 10 of those websites.

Hopefully, the information I provided will help you make the right decision for yourself on whether to join Wealthy Affiliate or not and I wish you the best of luck in your affiliate marketing venture. With WA, you can be very successful, if you stay committed to following the training and to the things the WA experts will teach you!

BONUS TIME: If you sign up and go Premium within the first seven days, I will make sure you get the first month for only $19, instead of $49. I will also guarantee you my personal attention any time you need any help at all. I will provide you with the secrets myself and many other Wealthy Affiliate members have learned over the years. You will get so much more if you go Premium versus staying a starter member, and it is totally worth it.

What are you waiting for, sign up for FREE today? You literally have nothing to lose!! If you want to have your own online business, this is the way to go. Best of luck!

2 thoughts on “Best Website and Affiliate Training – Only at Wealthy Affiliate!

  1. After so many many false starts and empty promises and not forgetting the money, I lost in my early days of internet marketing, Wealthy Affiliate found me. I am extremely grateful because it has given me the opportunity to earn a lucrative income, learn a new set of skills, provide a service to my readers and above all has the most supportive community ever.

    1. I completely agree with you Richard. Thanks for reading my article on WA. They are clearly the best at what they do and the support is awesome.

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