Best Online Business and Digital Marketing Platform? – Detailed Builderall Review

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Best Online Business and Digital Marketing Platform? - Detailed Builderall Review
Best Online Business and Digital Marketing Platform? – Detailed Builderall Review

In the modern business world, success relies on having a strong online presence that is created by using the right online marketing strategies and tools. You should be able to manage your online presence, without killing yourself and spending all of your time on your website. You need the best online business and digital marketing platform to make your online business life much easier, so you can spend more precious time with your family.

Builderall has established just what I think you need, an easy-to-use digital marketing platform for your online business. With it, you can get more prospective clients to your site, whether it is an affiliate marketing site of even an ecommerce site to sell your own products. It will help bring your ideas to fruition, so you can deliver your message to your customers and help them solve a problem.

Following is my comprehensive Builderall review.

What is Builderall?

Developed by Erick Salgado, Builderall is all-in-one digital marketing software launched in 2017. It offers professional designs and allows you to create attention-grabbing campaigns and enhance your marketing to expand your business quickly. Instead of buying each individual tool required to run a successful online campaign, Builderall provides all the tools you need in one place. With it, you can easily build the website that you’ve always envisioned with their Drag and Drop technology as well as dozens of other integrated applications. With all these special features, it’s no surprise that today, the number of active Builderall users of stands at 40,000 and this number is increasing every single day.

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What are the Features of Builderall?

Here are the features you will get with Builderall:

  • Drag and Drop Site builder – You do not have to be a programmer, web designer, and you definitely do not need any experience; with Builderall, you can create, build and activate a website online in only a few minutes. You can build professional websites, sales pages, virtual stores, and lead captures using the intuitive Sitebuilder. You simply edit one of the thousands of professional templates that are available, using content and images. The easy to use technology and tons of detailed tutorial videos will make you an expert in online marketing and a creator of incredible websites with enthralling applications for your business.
  • SEO on Page Report Tool – Builderall can give your site the ideal SEO fuel for Google. Their SEO reporting tool offers you all the information required to make your page search engine optimized which will improve your page rank immensely. It not only helps with easy optimization of your keywords, but also trains you on how to do it the right way. It will do a complete analysis of the keywords and highlight the necessary corrections for your website to be on page one of all the search engines.
  • Android and iOS App Creator – Did you know that an average person looks at their cell phones more than one hundred times a day? I think it is more like 1,000 time a day for my wife. Let’s keep that to ourselves here. Moving on, with the Builderall App Creator, your online presence is greatly felt since you can offer products and services directly via your client’s cell phone. From image galleries, product sales, push notifications, hotel bookings, to delivery service, the app offers dozens of features for mobile phone clients. It also has lots of video tutorials for you to learn from. This way, you will bring your business directly to the cells phones and tablets of millions of users.
  • Professional Email Builder – Write and send highly customizable and converting emails via the Builderall Responsive Email builder and HTML5 Drag and Drop technology. You can use the available campaigns and templates to highlight your service or product value and quality to the members on your list. It also allows you to manage leads using your tags and apply behavioral triggers. This is a great capability for email campaigns.
  • Interactive Presentations – Builderall Interactive Presentations Tool allows you to craft an interactive way of communicating with the visitors to your website. You can download your work, develop a custom URL, and incorporate your demo with your already existing website. You can also leverage the presentations Builder by making slideshow presentations of expert quality for your business. It is crucial to note that the presentation builder tool has features that are more or less similar to PowerPoint, but offers you with tons of other options to select from.
  • Heat Map Tool – Builderall incorporates heat maps in your blog or website. You can see and trace where your visitors clicked on your pages. You can also assess the areas of your layout that are hottest and you can place strategically your Call To Action or Buy Now buttons to boost your conversion rates. I tried this and it is really cool! It literally shows the hot spots where your visitors click on your pages, so you know what is working and what is not.
  • Sales Funnel Builder – With its multitude of pre-made templates, Builderall creates marketing and sales funnels to assist you to build relationships with prospective clients. These templates give you a quick start and you can craft all the types of funnels you want to build including sales letter funnels, lead magnet funnels, and webinar funnels, just to name a few. We should all know that funnels are critical to our online business success.
  • Autoresponder Tool – Builderall has a built-in email automation tool known as MailingBoss. You can generate automated email campaigns or integrate the existing one, if you already have set up campaigns somewhere else. With MailingBoss, your email list can grow limitlessly without any pay increase since your monthly rates include unlimited subscribers to your list. Therefore, this professional email marketing system allows you to create and automate existing and prospective customer relationships. This being included is awesome. No need to pay for a separate autoresponder.
  • Facebook Integration – Create lists and collect leads while nurturing and building relationships with existing and potential customers. Builderall assists you to capture and nurture these connections with intelligent posts, notifications, and apps to integrate directly into Facebook fan pages. Very cool!
  • Animated Videos Creator – Builderall animation tool allows you to make unlimited animated videos and sales videos. Design your own expressions and characters or select from the hundreds of exclusive characters available only through Builderall. Additionally, you can download and publish to your YouTube channel, website, and Facebook account, among other platforms. Video animation is a big deal now days, so this capability is really valuable to your online business.
  • Design Studio Mockups – The design studio mockup allows you to develop infoproducts and e-book covers as well as design amazing videos and images that grab attention and drive users into taking action. Moreover, it allows you to upload your video or image holders and decide the specific screen areas where you wish them to be visible on the picture frame, TV screen, or mobile screen.
  • Browser Notifications – You can instantly inform your followers, visitors, and clients of any of your promotions, events, or offers. The Builderall Browser Notifications is a feature that visitors can see while they are online, which helps ensure that you effectively develop relationships with your customers and visitors.
  • Floating Videos Creator – Impress you website visitors by sending creative and inviting messages in a unique way with Builderall exclusive floating video technology. You can boost your online authority by making a floating video for your website in minutes. And,  you can do all of this without the need and use of expensive professional equipment.
  • Lead Capture Tools – With Builderall, you will advance your online advertising strategy with the sophisticated tactics and tools. You will also capture leads with email forms, Facebook logins, browser notifications, quizzes, and smart opt-ins. All of this is awesome.

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Builderall Membership Pricing.

The features available go up tremendously with each option. If you really want to get all the best possible options to be successful, and you can afford $49.90 a month, I highly recommend the Builderall Business Plan. Nothing is better.

Builderall currently has three different pricing options:

Good  ⇒ Web Presence – This option covers website presence at a cost of $9.90 per month. That means you will not get MailingBoss, apps, and can only connect one domain without SSL.

Better  ⇒ Digital Marketing – At $29.90 per month, this pricing option allows you access to all the tools you need for online success—from website builder, MailingBoss, SSL, 15 domains connections, to sales funnels. However, there will be no FB chatbot, webinar tool, marketplace, or affiliate program where you can create your own affiliate program.

Best  ⇒ Builderall Business – For only $49.90 per month, you can unlock the entire platform. You will get all the apps, tools, and a membership zone where you can create your own courses.

What are the Pros and Cons of Builderall?

Builderall helps businesses and entrepreneurs who desire to bring their ideas to life using the most complete marketing platform and digital online business builder on the web. But of course, Builderall has it strengths and a few weaknesses , just like most website builder tools.

The pros:
– You will get exceptional customer support.
– The website builder is multifunctional with tons of features and built in plugins.
– The whole set of tools are very easy to use with no previous experience needed.
– You do not need extra cash to buy external themes.
– There are around 26 different marketing tools for your business to be successful.
– You have the ability to create your own apps.

The cons:
– While is it easy to use, Builderall doesn’t yet have adequate customizing options. More are on the way.
– Their Drag and Drop technology might sometimes have glitches. This can be fixed with future updates by the builderall technical team.

Bottom Line – Builderall is Good – Wealthy Affiliate is Better!

Generally, Builderall is a good online marketing, website and training set of tools. It comes with virtually all the features you will need to run a successful online business. It is a big benefit that it is convenient and saves you a lot of money from not having to buy content building plugins, sales funnel creation software and so much more. This is a good entry level system and has some great tools for your online business venture, just make sure you weigh the pros and cons and compare with other Affiliate Marketing sites, before making your decision.

I like Builderall in general, but I believe Wealthy Affiliate has superior training and the member support is the best on the planet.

10 thoughts on “Best Online Business and Digital Marketing Platform? – Detailed Builderall Review

  1. From your review, Builderall does seem to have a good overall approach to online business and digital marketing. It seems fairly comprehensive with site builder, heat map and SEO information among other things all included. And the floating video stuff is something I’ve not seen elsewhere. I agree with your overall conclusion that Wealthy Affiliate is a better package, but Builderall is worth consideration.

    1. Totally agree Rob. I think they have a lot of great features. I just think the training and the community support at Wealthy Affiliate is second to none.

  2. I was searching in Google to find out either is Builderall a scam or legit digital marketing software and landed here in this article. I’m glad to find your article because now I know Builderall is a legit platform to use the services like online marketing, website and training set of tools. However, I’m more glad to find out about Wealthy Affiliate. After reading your article, I think I will choose a Wealthy Affiliate over Builderall. Thanks a lot.

  3. Thanks for the review about Builderall, I have been looking for a software that can help me with interactive presentations for my business and also an auto responder which both can be found in this software. I count myself lucky to be on your site. Am definitely bookmarking your site for further interesting posts such as this. Keep up the good work. 

    1. I am glad you found this post and my site to be useful and informative. Builderall is a good platform as long as you don’t want to use WordPress. They do have a lot of really good features as you mentioned.

  4. Hey Curtis,

    A good detailed review of Builderall.   Builderall seems to be a great platform in the sense that all the tool needed are available under one roof.  

    The only problem with Buildeall is that you can not move your existing WordPress site to Builderall, it does not integrate WordPress.  So if I join Builderall, I have to build my site from scratch again.  and you know what it means, it’s not an easy task at all.

    Builderall is best for them who want to start a website, not for them who already have websites.


    1. You are right on. It is not wordpress compatible. Newbies could do well here, but it doesn’t have all the training needed to be really successful.

  5. Great write up on Builderall! This AIO marketing platform is catching the internet on fire and we have adopted it in our tech stack. It’s so much more than just to be used for MLM. You can start your own website design service, eCommerce solution, email marketing service and more…

    Thank you for this useful information.

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