Best New MLM Opportunity [2019] – My Enersource Review

Enersource Greens
MLM Concept
MLM Concept for the Best New MLM Opportunity

There are new MLM startups pretty much every day. But I thought you would like to see a review of THE best MLM opportunity that I have found in 2019.

Welcome to my review of Enersource.

But First, What is an MLM?

Multi-Level Marketing or MLM is in general, a pretty good opportunity, as long as you find a reputable company. MLMs recruit people as salespeople or distributers.

These distributers usually do a few different things for their MLM.

First, they can simply sell the company’s products and get a commission for each sale.

Second option is to recruit more distributers. You would then get a piece of your recruit’s commissions in what is typically known as a pyramid network.

That is basically how MLM corporations work. Clearly the biggest benefit, is to recruit as many people as you can into your pyramid, so commissions flow up to you at the top. Don’t forget though that you are also in someone’s pyramid, or downline as well.

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How to Know if an MLM Company is Good or Not?

Not all MLMs are created equal, so you need to be aware of what you should be looking out for in an MLM.

Things to look out for in the best MLMs:

  • The quality of the Product or Service being offered. – Is the product or service something you would be interested in and people you know would be interested in. Is it something you would be happy promoting or advertising? Is it something that you think you could recruit other people to also sell?
  • Is the Startup Cost reasonable? – If the startup cost is high, it is more likely that the MLM is focused on mainly the recruitment aspects, and not so much the product to sell. That would be a true pyramid scheme and may not be what you are looking for. These are generally MLMs that don’t have a high quality product and are just trying to recruit you for the high startup.
  • Are there Bonuses? – The best MLMs will provide bonuses for reaching certain sales goals. You can also get bonuses for reaching recruitment goals. Make sure to do some research to make sure your MLM has some good bonuses.
  • Is the Training Good? – MLMs with training that is focused on its product, will have invested good money into that training. This training will include training on how to sell the product or service and will not simply focus on recruitment. Little to no product selling training is a good indication that the MLM is only interested in recruiting more distributors, and that is not a good MLM.
  • Is there a good Commission or Compensation Structure? – Obviously, you are looking for high commissions and the best possible compensation plans. There are many types of compensation plans that MLMs will employ. The most common types of plans are unilevel, breakaway, or binary:
    • Unilevel Commission Structure – This plan basically provides an equal percentage on commissions from downlines to  all distributors that qualify. These can vary among each company as well. This is probably my favorite plan for MLMs.
    • Breakaway Commission Structure – In this plan, if you meet your group and personal goals you get to move up a step. You get to keep moving up these breakaway stairs for each goal met, until you can eventually become the top level of your tier, so you are no longer a downline distributor for someone else. Pretty cool, but takes a long time to achieve.
    • Binary Compensation Plan – This plan is called Binary because you are only required to recruit two downline distributors. Easy right, not so fast. You will also have to make sure each of your distributors meets a specific number of sales to meet both company and Federal regulations. This is not so easy. Not one of my favorite plans.

Bottom line for joining an MLM, do your research. For Enersource, I have done the research for you.

Lets get into Enersource!

What is Enersource?

Enersource is a Healthy Living, Debt Free MLM where you have the opportunity to achieve Financial Freedom.

Enersource is a top level producer of health and nutritional supplements of the highest quality. They are based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The founder and CEO Linden Wood, is very successful business owner and a proven network marketing expert. In 2001, he created EnerGreens Inc that produced one of the first high quality nutritional products called EnerGreens Essentials. In the next several years that followed, EnerGreens developed more than 40 different nutrition products that have made millions of dollars.

Now called EnerSource, they create only the highest quality products that follow only the highest standards for purity and effectiveness. These products were developed to not only taste great, unlike most supplements, but to also be the most effective on the market.

Enersource products are fairly priced and are actually pleasant to take. You don’t find that very often is supplements.

What Kind of Nutritional Supplements Does Enersource Produce?

The supplements Enersource produce are one hundred percent plant based. They are also completely organic.

Enersource supplements are full of antioxidants and critical phytonutrients.

Products include the following, plus more:

  • World Class CBD Tincture of the Highest Purity. A recent best seller.
  • The Best Greens available, called EnerGreens. This is one the early best sellers and is still an awesome supplement. This organic and plant based raw superfood contains a combination of more than 50 organically grown grasses, sprouted grains, green vegetables and herbs. It is full of vitamins and minerals. This one is perfect for adding to your daily routine.
  • Super Nutrient and Vitamin Supplement – This is an awesome combination of vitamins and minerals that is the perfect complement to EnerGreens.
  • Meal Replacement Weight Loss Shake – This shake is awesome and gives you the energy you need while losing weight at the same time.

There are many more products available for Energy, Keto, acid reflux prevention and a great Vitamin D3 tincture.

Great products for distributors to sell that they can easily believe in, because they work.

The products are awesome, but what about the compensation plans?

What Commission and Compensation Plan Does Enersource Provide?

Enersource actually has two compensation plans to choose from.

The first option is called the Force Matrix Comp Plan 1. With this plan you do not have to balance your downline sales. Here is what Comp Pla 1 looks like:

Enersource Comp Plan 1
Enersource Comp Plan 1


The second Comp Plan option is Up-Front Sales Commissions. This plan offers up to $300 up front commissions per distributor, plus the normal sales commissions and even residual commissions. Pretty good! Following is the Comp Plan II options:

Enersource Comp Plan 2
Enersource Comp Plan 2

Both plans have pluses and minuses as with most MLMs. You should apply for the one that makes the most sense for you.

The compensation and commissions look good, but at what cost to me?

What is this Going to Cost me?

There are two starter plan options if you are interested in becoming part of Enersource as a representative.

The first starter option will cost you $49 and is only eligible for the Matrix Plan (Comp Plan I).

The second and really the best option, will cost you $249 and with it, you get to choose either Compensation plan. With the seoncd plan, you also are eligible for several bonuses.

If you are going to join Enersource, it only makes sense to get as much benefit as you can, and choose the second starter plan.

Enersource is the Best New MLM – Ground Floor Opportunity!

That’s right, even though this company has been around for a while, this is the initial offering as an MLM for joining the ground floor opportunity. Getting in with Enersource in the beginning is the best possible chance to build your own empire really quickly and truly be on your way to becoming financially FREE.

I like this company a lot and there products are great. Easy to sell because they work. they actually sell themselves.

Because this is a great company, debt free with great products, you will have no problem recruiting new starters to join you on this journey to a better life.

In summary, you get a great support system at Enersource, with a very lucrative compensation plan, on a ground floor opportunity.

In my very humble opinion, Enersource is truly in a league of their own!

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8 thoughts on “Best New MLM Opportunity [2019] – My Enersource Review

  1. Thanks for sharing so much valuable information. Your blog post is very thorough as you describe the basics of what MLM companies have to offer. You answered a lot of questions here and any newcomer will find this very helpful. Entersource sounds like a great opportunity I like how they are all about promoting healthy living.

  2. Hi! Thank you for this review about Enersource. I liked what you had to say about this company concerning it’s benefits. It’s good to know that they have been around for quite a long time now. If I join, I’ll do it with Comp Plan I, even though it has lesser benefits because that’s what I can afford.

    1. Thanks Henry. You should definitely do what works best for your situation. I think Comp Plan I is a good deal and you can definitely do well with it.

  3. Any business that is in the health sector is a sure catcher. Everyone wants to be healthy and business people have seized the opportunity to present products and services to satisfy this market. It is not everyday that you find genuine platforms, and I am glad that from your review, Enersource sounds like a good platform. I like that they have a variety of products that cover all sections of health and nutrition. I guess for me to be more profitable, the Comp Plan II compensation plan would be more suitable. Thank you for your tips on what to consider before joining an MLM. Great review!

    1. Thank you Carol. I am happy you found my article/review informative. I agree with you that Comp Plan II is best if you can afford it to start out.

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