AWOL Academy Pro Review – Another Way of Life, Scam or Somewhere In Between

AWOL Academy Pro Review


First, I want you to know that I did join AWOL and go through the initial training. This is my AWOL Academy Pro Review and my experience with them. I know those of you that have been searching for the right online affiliate marketing business have been wondering if it really is another way of life, or is it a Scam or somewhere in between? I believe this review will answer all your questions.

I will share with you in this post, everything you need to know about this program.

Here is some general information:

Program Name: AWOL Academy (AKA Project AWOL)

Website URL:

Owner(s): Kameron George & Keala Kanae

Price Range for Beginner to Elite Member: $99 – $9997

My Rating: 3/5

Let’s Get Some Basic Information – AWOL Academy Overview

AWOL Academy is a training and support program that teaches you how to make money through online marketing.

I learned about AWOL academy by searching for the best online marketing sites. I went to their website and watched the introduction video.
Their website is great and is professionally done. I guess you would expect that.

When you join, the first thing is the $99 you are charged to begin. Once you pay, you do some setup stuff and watch an introductory video and then you start what is called AWOL 101 (Coaching). This consists of the following:

  • Welcome to AWOL – This is a rah rah welcome video to get you going.
  • Complete Your AWOL Profile – Just provide all your profile information.
  • Complete AWOL 101 Coaching – This is the big one. 18 lessons on the basics of affiliate marketing. Lots of drawing done on videos showing you what you will be doing but, not how to do it. That comes later when you pay a lot more money.
  • Book Your Coaching Call – Here you book a call with your assigned coach who will try to convince you to keep going and tells you about the guaranteed money you can achieve in 90 days if you buy the Elite program and follow all the criteria.

What Are the AWOL Academy Training Products – What do They Cost You?

Currently, there are 6 different products available in the AWOL Academy. To get started and have access to the member’s area, you will have to at least buy their starter product, #1 below:


  • Cost – $99
  • If you are new to AWOL, this will help you get started in affiliate marketing.
  • It includes step-by-step training that helps you set up a sales funnel of your own to generate traffic, leads, and hopefully, customers for your business.
  • You will receive your own website domain along with various other tools.


  • Cost – $297
  • The focus of this part of the training, is email marketing.
  • Here, you will also learn some supposedly “secret” strategies that have been used by some of the world’s best marketers to increase their revenue with minimal effort.


  • Cost – $997
  • During the Conversion Academy training, you will learn how to maximize your conversions using some of their tips, tricks and more “secrets”.
  • Additional tools are provided here, to aid you in the conversion process.


  • Cost – $997
  • Getting traffic to your website is critical to any online business model. If you get No traffic, you get No sales. With Traffic Academy, you are not only getting traffic, but it is traffic that is supposed to be highly converting.


  • Cost – $3497
  • This course is on a much more important level than all the previous courses. The prior courses would help you make some money, but this part of the training was created to make you Wealthy.
  • It is mainly focused on managing what you have already built to provide you income for many years to come.
  • They provide what they call some of the greatest minds, to share all you need to know about money management, tax planning, investing, etc.


  • Cost – $9997
  • This is for people who are extremely serious about succeeding in online business and staying on top of what happening in the online business world.
  • This is the considered the pinnacle of their product range. It includes a 2-hour weekly webinar and mentoring within their private FB group and forum.
  • This is obviously a big investment. But once you are making money, to be able to ask Keala and Kameron questions and get reviews of your funnel is potentially priceless. At the time of my training, if you purchase Elite you also receive each of the previous products.

OK, What are the Problems With AWOL Academy?

It is Kind of Pricey!

One of the first things you notice about AWOL Academy, is the prices. Many of us will think that the products are expensive. I think they are quite pricey and probably will not be affordable for most.

Most of us are online looking for opportunities to earn a living from home and we usually don’t have much money to spend.

You are encouraged to upgrade to the higher levels – This is where they make their money.

You can, of course, just get the $99 course but then there are many things you have yet to learn about making money online.

Just think about what they want you to pay. For $99 you can get a good start but for $9997, you get everything you need and more. All I can say, is you get what you pay for.

So obviously you are missing out on a ton of information with the cheaper course. That is why, your personal coach will encourage you to purchase the higher end products. I don’t blame the coaches because that is how the AWOL Academy is marketed. People who are desperate for success will buy in, while those who cannot afford it will bail out after completing the basic course.

I admit, that is where I bailed from AWOL Academy!

In either case, the real winner is AWOL Academy because they are the ones making the money regardless of how successful you become.

Another big issue for me is that the training more focused on Paid Advertising – More Costs!

I went through $99 videos and lessons, and one thing that became obvious is that these guys are focused mainly on Paid Advertising. Paid advertising just means you spend money from your own pocket to advertise. Where are we supposed to get that money?

You can get traffic to your website without spending any money, but they don’t teach that. If you are new to online marketing, jumping right in to paid advertising is a really big risk. You could spend a lot of money with getting anything in return.

Bottom Line is – They are Focused on Promoting AWOL Academy.

Even in my short time training, it became obvious to me, that AWOL Academy is more focused on getting you to promote their program, and not that interested in teaching you how to build an online business the right way. Much of the training and tools are geared towards helping you get people to join AWOL Academy.

Since most of the products here are high dollar items, you could make some good commissions if you can get people to sign up and buy the products. We all know it isn’t quite that simple.

AWOL Academy Summary – Not a Scam but bring lots of money!

AWOL Academy is not a scam and it probably works in the long run if you can afford the big dollar courses. You can just choose the starter course and gain some valuable information and then move on, like I did.

My Recommendation: Don’t do it, unless you already have lot of money!

If You Want to Learn About Affiliate Marketing, There is a Much Better and Affordable Alternative!

If you are looking for a better and more affordable way to start building an online business, I can highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as my #1 Recommendation.

Start FREE Today and be on your way to financial freedom!
Start FREE Today and be on your way to financial freedom!

You get to try WA for absolutely no cost, no credit card is needed and there is no additional commitment required.

At WA, you will be able to create your first website for free and have all the tools you need to do just that. The training is step by step with all the support you could ever need. You will be provided all the training, tools and support that you would ever need is in one place at no cost.

You will never be asked to purchase additional courses.

One of the best things about WA is that you will learn how to build an online business around your own niche that you are passionate about.

You will be able to get FREE traffic to your site and will be trained in many ways to do just that.

There are some minor costs to upgrade to become a Premium member, but I can say, it is well worth it. The Premium member benefits are astronomical. I encourage you to become Premium for the most benefits!!

You can check out my complete review of Wealthy Affiliate by CLICKING HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this review and feel free to contact me at the following email of leave comments below.

4 thoughts on “AWOL Academy Pro Review – Another Way of Life, Scam or Somewhere In Between

  1. This is one of the best reviews that I’ve read about AWOL Academy pro. I was looking for such that information and I’m glad to find your review post. I found all my answers about this program in your post and it helps me to make the best decision. Hope you continue writing detailed review and I’ll definitely come back to read more posts on your site.

    1. I am very happy that you found the information useful. I worked very hard to make sure it was detailed and accurate so people can make an informed decision. All of my reviews of products are just as detailed for the same reasons.

      Thank you for your comments!

  2. I looked into AWOL Academy when first starting to research affiliate marketing. Like you I found it very pricey.
    It’s good that you went to the next step and joined, sorry that it cost you $99 to find out that it wasn’t for you. But now you are able to let the rest of us know what you get for the money.
    However, for almost $10k to buy something that you need to spend more money on paid advertising in order to start making money just doesn’t make sense to me.
    I also found Wealthy Affiliate and can vouch for the fact that it the training is the best.
    Thanks for the great article.


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