All In One SEO Review – Complete Posirank Review

All In One SEO Review – Posirank

While the digital realm continues to eclipse our physical world, SEO has even grown to be more essential to businesses today. Gone are the days when having a simple website was enough to draw attention to your products and services. In the world we live in now, online visibility demands ongoing diligence and considerable effort. You really need to have an all in one SEO review capability.

Ranking high and especially being on the first page on the SERPs is a lot work that involves a myriad of aspects, each carrying its weight on the eyes of site visitors and search engines alike. Although the SEO industry is a little overwhelming to businesses aspiring to reach higher online rankings and traffic, you are not alone in your struggles on your journey to the top. There are plenty of SEO tools to give insights to this challenging topic and help you achieve the success you deserve.

Following is my detailed and honest review of a site that contains many of these tools. It is called PosiRank, where you can research, launch and measure SEO at any scale, all in one SEO platform.

Posirank – The All-In-One SEO Platform.

PosiRank is an All-in-One SEO platform that allows you to build various, recurring and client-safe campaigns in just minutes. Having dedicated many years of hard work to create an SEO tool that won’t disappoint, you got to let PosiRank’s team of 400+ experts do the heavy lifting for you. While PosiRank is a premier wholesale platform for SEO, consultants, agencies, and resellers partners with PosiRank to be able to use their white label services to automate, centralize, and grow your businesses.

Over the years, PosiRank has innovated and continue to develop solutions and services that integrate with your systems seamlessly. Their services give you the vital invisible edge in an industry where managing production at a scale and staying at the cutting-edge is the key to success. Ideally, when you work with PosiRank, their entire workforce becomes yours to ensure you are served to your satisfaction.
Posirank takes pride in what they do and the success their partners achieve using their SEO tool. Their message, service, and mission resonate well, in that they have embarked on creating thousands of campaigns on behalf of hundreds of agencies and individual clients, just like us. Typically, PosiRank delights in being the platform that enables businesses to set up every task, function, and service on total autopilot and helps users increase their organic traffic in the search engines.

Is it Possible PosiRank is Just Another MMO scam?

In short, PosiRank is a legitimate SEO platform for local agencies, marketers, and SEO resellers. The company has a principal on record – David Kelly, and an active filing status listed under File Number W14620330.

However, just to show no one is perfect, there are a few complaints about this toolset for SEO automation including:

The IP address – uses an IP address that’s shared with four more domains. When more than one site shares the same IP address, the host server’s workload becomes heavier. It is thus strongly advised to change the host server; alternatively, the hosting provider should give a separate or different IP address for the domain.

Requests – Besides the preliminary HTML request, PosiRank does not allow access to CSS, JavaScript, AJAX or image files and you have to request them in the course of your web page rendering.

Language and encoding – The language declared in HTML Meta tag should be the language used on the website page. With, Google or other search engines can misinterpret the language used because when your site detects that the web page applied English, it is not claimed in metadata or tags.

Reviews – asks visitors to rate their services immediately when a visitor lands on the site. This can obviously be biased because how can you tell others about something you have not yet worked or interacted with.

PosiRank Has Made Major Changes!

To many, the love for PosiRank Company did not come at first site. However, people have come to appreciate their never-ending dedication that has yielded the highest quality product and services over time. In 2015, the birth of the most significant changes occurred and that is what you will still enjoy today, along with the following other benefits:

Advanced CrowdSearch – According to, Crowdsearching is the first SEO legitimate groundbreaker since Google inception. Unlike with other strategies, it gives more instantaneous results. Basically, CrowdSearch manipulates your CTR on Google in a very scientific manner to increase CTR properly, pages visited, and time on site.

Link Disavow Service – Yet another game changer, Link Disavow Service is an essential tool. As we all know, Google’s Penguin algorithm updates much more frequently now, which means that your backlink profile will be analyzed a couple of times a year. That is both good and bad news. It is suitable for those clients who get hit because it is a chance for them to get their site re-assessed sooner and this potentially gets their ranking back faster. On the other side of the coin, it means you have to keep your backlink profile SPARKLING clean, and this is one of the many parts of the SEO game that you have to stay on top of.

Link Disavow Service uses expensive software to help you find all backlink profiles and analyze them accordingly. From there, they assign their seasoned veterans the mission to go through each and every backlink one at a time manually. That assures their clients that a real human being is assessing every link, who will also decide whether you need to keep it or not. It is a lengthy, tedious process that must absolutely be done, and these experts do an incredible job. When all is said and done, the end product is a neat, nice, and ready-to-submit updated file for Google to be able to easily crawl. So, when the Penguin hits you next, be sure you have purchased your site an advanced Link Disavow Service. I cannot stress how big Link Disavow is; it can save hundreds of human hours and labor.

More Platform Changes and Updates.

Cart System – You don’t have to go through the hassle of buying credits to be able to purchase products( although that option is still available). You can now choose a product and check out just like it is with any other online platforms. This is a fantastic feature especially if you are in a hurry.

Personal Accounts– Unlike the previous version that didn’t have an individual account, the new version is a huge breakthrough for our friends who want the services of PosiRank to advance their personal site(s). You won’t get similar pricing as it is with reseller or wholesale, but it is still an excellent offer. Also, you will not be allowed access to the features of recurring automation- but so what – you only need the services for your own site, and you don’t need these features.

Wholesale Rewards Program – This is an incredible draw for those folks who are into reselling. By having an active wholesale account, PosiRank gives every subscriber discounts on selected products. The discount lasts up to a month at a time. When you stay active for several consecutive months, your discount increases every month. This saves consistent subscribers a lot of money in the long term.

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The Strength and Weaknesses of PosiRank.

PosiRank excels in almost every aspect that matters to most SEO resellers.

However, it has its strength and weaknesses just like any other SEO platform:


• PosiRank has quality and variety of Backlinks that helps drive solid rankings for your site.
• They have a robust, complete toolset for your SEO automation, which has excellent documentation as well as customer support.
• Beyond building links, PosiRank does it all in creating high-quality content, reporting, and building lead generating websites. You can comfortably order on page SEO reports, articles of any length and variety, and microsites to ease the generation of even more leads to your site. What’s more, all content is written by American writers, so you rarely have to deal with poorly researched and written material, or grammar and punctuation issues.
• All entities that sign up with PosiRank are provided access to strategy forum, guides, and host of tutorial PDFs. What’s even more enticing is that the site has a “Showcase” series every week where they create and rank websites using their products. It’s 100% transparent – something you will not find with other resellers.


• Other white label SEO providers have “SEO audit,” and client dashboard software, which is popular for getting them sales – Posirank lacks this basic requirement
• Their reports are not colorful enough to impress clients. You can generate reports, but they don’t have graphs and pie charts, and the information in pretty basic form.
• The created content is mainly in English. (This could be a Pro)

Here are the current plans offered by Posirank. To see the prices, you have to sign up for the free trial.

Posirank Plans
Posirank Plans

Outsourcing SEO Services With PosiRank has Never Been Easier.

This white label SEO platform is built to ease your ordering process. For instance, if you want keyword search for five different pages, then that is all you will order. If you are not sure of what you want to outsource precisely, the effective PosiRank ordering wizard system is there 24/7 to offer any assistant.

Bottom line in my humble opinion, this is a useful tool for your SEO practices for you website(s).

Here is what one reviewer of PosiRank had to say:

“The team at Posirank do an excellent job. From first contact and review of my requirements I have always felt the knowledge the team holds in the SEO and SEM industry is second to none. The business we operate is in a highly competitive finance niche. Within three months of working with Posirank and following their advice we have seen our website dominate the first position for all our targeted keywords and the organic traffic to our website has doubled.”

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