Affiliate Marketing Training for Free? – Expert Affilorama Review

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Affiliate Marketing Training for Free?
Affiliate Marketing Training for Free?

Affilorama is one of the most famous names in the lucrative affiliate marketing business. Designed by Mark Ling over a decade ago, Affilorama has won multiple awards for its affiliate training. They have offices in New Zealand, the Philippines, and Texas among other places. Basically, it believes in the principle that every person ought to have access to the information and tools needed to build a successful online affiliate marketing business. In reality, there may be no better, really rock-solid training for beginners all the way to expert affiliate marketers, then the free affiliate marketing training you can get from Affilorama. And, if you decide you want even more professional training and you upgrade to the pay memberships, the training is off the charts, but there are some drawbacks.☹

Let’s have a really close look at Affilorama.

What is Affilorama all about?

Affilorama is an online affiliate marketing training platform. It contains a myriad of written materials and lessons that will tutor you on the methods of becoming an affiliate marketer. It also offers video lessons and a suite of web tools that make the learning curve for getting your content up and running, a lot less steep.

Drawing directly from Mark Ling’s remarkable personal success in the field, it is designed to offer affiliate marketers a detailed way of creating and nurturing a tremendous and innovative affiliate business. In general, it provides a wide range of training tools for different levels of the trainees—from the beginner to the very sophisticated, knowledgeable professional level.

Does Affilorama have multiple levels of paid training available? Of course, we know nothing worthwhile is free.

Affilorama’s Product Offers.

Affilorama has several different training products at various price levels. Its outline allows you to choose training that suits your learning needs as well as your budget.

Here are the Packages and Tools that Affilorama currently has available:

The Basic Affilorama Package – Affilorama offers a free basic membership. This basic membership provides you with approximately 20 hours of video tutorials, a members forum, the site blog and other kinds of information. With this package, you can learn the basics of affiliate marketing including creating your website, search engine optimization (SEO), and creating content for pay per click (PPC) campaigns. You will also have access to a well-organized repository of articles, webinars, and training videos.
It has a library with extensive content that is updated every month. Therefore, you will always find something new to discover and learn. However, out of date content (for instance backlink strategies) is only rarely removed from the system or updated to document current strategies. Using such material can be misleading, so it is essential to do your research before taking in the older videos advice.

Affilorama Premium – As the name suggests, the free membership teaches you all the basics stuff, but when you subscribe to the premium package, you’ll get very complete and in-depth training. At only $1 for a 30 day trial and then $67 per month, the premium package offers training, forum access, and software limited hosting. It also gives you access to more comprehensive training and inspirational videos of successful internet entrepreneurs including Mark Ling himself. Typically, the premium package provides you the access you need to generate remarkable content for your chosen niches. It also offers blog Bootcamp, hosting and PLR articles, as well as other premium tools that provide excellent training of affiliate marketing. And don’t forget the fact it includes FREE hosting for 15 domains.

AffiloTools – AffiloTools is software that is cloud-based and can be used to research the market using keyword tools as it can position and track the SEO keywords. It helps you to keep track of your website rankings and analyze the sales traffic. It is integrated fully with Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, MOZ, and Clickbank and is used as a day to day analyzer from Clickbank. When link building, AffiloTools is a high-quality site finder, competitor’s finder, and website health checker.

It is important to note that AffiloTools is free for all subscribers to try out, but if you need more from the platform, you have to upgrade to bronze, silver, or gold monthly package.

Pathway to Passive – Designed to guide new affiliate marketers but can also be used for experienced affiliate marketers to find out what they are doing wrong. The Pathway to Passive package will save you months of learning on ways to build a lucrative, high-quality, and durable website. The guide will teach you how to create monetizable content as well as find profitable products and niches for affiliate marketers. The package also allows you to create engaging content for your website that people will want to share on social media platforms. At a full price of $37, you can also build sturdy funnels to move clients toward more sales. Alternatively, you can buy it at a discounted price of $19 if you upgrade your free membership within three days of signing in.

Affiloblueprint – The Affiloblueprint is for fast learners that can follow the detailed, step by step formulas. It offers a 12-week program that uses explicit videos to illustrate how to become a successful marketer. The course will take you through a process of setting up an impressive affiliate marketing website, keyword researching and optimizing your website’s SEO. It offers free Affilotheme hosting for five websites as well as well-structured tasks that can keep you on track. Besides providing over 85 video lessons, Affiloblueprint gives you a one month access to AffiloTools in which you can test drive the system.

Also included in Affiloblueprint, is what used to be called Affilotheme. This is a package that offers a comprehensive WordPress theme and a free hosting scheme for an entire year. That allows trainees to use the WordPress CMS (content management system). It also features a full training program that will include extensive training videos on ways of using the inventive themes. You will also have access to the forum for private members only as well as an innovative graphics creation tool.

AffiloJetPack 2.0 – At the price of $997, AffiloJetPack is the high-end form of Affilorama packages. It has been designed to generate affiliate website income by teaching you how to promote products and services that Affilorama offers. Its components also allow you to build streams of revenue from your niche sites.

This package also offers more than 18 niche packages you can choose, and there are more coming soon. For every chosen niche, you get three e-books which you can freely use or learn how to create your own e-books to offer to new subscribers to your email list. It also offers approximately thirty PRL articles, graphics access for all the niches selected, and a year of web hosting for your website.

Every niche contains a full year’s worth of autoresponder series of emails that have built-in promotions for affiliate products. It also has an email account where you can create and manage your Email list. You do have to pay extra for the email autoresponder. Additionally, with AffiloJetPack, you will have automatic AffiloTheme membership that entails easy to use design options, widgets, and a squeeze page generator all aimed at converting users.


Who is Affilorama for?

Affilorama has been designed to be the comprehensive resource available for all aspiring affiliate marketers. Besides the broad lessons and tools offered for absolute beginners, it also offers more advanced tools for individuals who want to take their online business to the next level. Because of the way the training is laid out, people with experience in affiliate marketing will gain as much as those entirely new in the field.

Does Affilorama Have Good Customer Support?

Affilorama provides customers with extensive support through channels such as email and telephone. That means, you get to choose a channel that is most convenient for you and it will be easier for you to clear up any questions you may have along the way.

There is also a community forum platform where members help other members. This can be a strong facet as it can help you learn from the others. Unfortunately, I found in many instances, if you are looking for a quick response, you might be out of luck. I didn’t see many members online to provide quick answers. I have read reviews of members not getting answers for days or even weeks. A good quality customer support team and a large community like in My #1 Recommendation for Affiliate Marketing Training, is the only way to go.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Affilorama Platform?

Affilorama is an excellent platform, but just like many others, it has some drawbacks.

Here are the pros and cons I discovered with this affiliate marketing training platform:

The pros:

– Lessons are offered in an easy-to-understand format and uses task-based outlines.
– Different methods to access support and help.
– The various products offered are customized to clients’ needs and are not a one-size-fits-all.
– All the packages come with a full 60-day money back guarantee.
– Free membership allows users to give the basics a trial without any financial obligations. 🙂

The cons:

– The membership options can be confusing as to which one to select.
– With the numerous add-ons and upsells, it can get much more expensive than other affiliate marketing platforms.
– Too much information can lead to confusion and distraction.
– It has a hosting limitation of a maximum of 15 websites.

Some Important Things to Consider about Affilorama.

The Affilorama premium package has significant flaws that can be damaging if overlooked, as follows:

The backlinks – The Blog Bootcamp featured in the package is focused heavily on back-linking strategies, about 25% out of all the learning material. This has been a crucial SEO to cover, but with the introduction of Google Panda and Penguin, the strategy can have negative impacts with Google rankings. Since Google is one of the biggest search engines and you are depending on it to drive traffic to your website, improper backlinking can have your site ranking marked down, so you have to be really careful and do your due diligence with backlinking.

The Private Labe Rights (PLR) – PLR is essentially duplicate content. Google used to allow this strategy, but now, all duplicate content is rated as poor quality, and consequently, your search engine rankings will drop drastically, or the search engines might even de-index your website.

Affilorama is Legit – But Not as Good as My #1 Recommendation.

Affilorama offers resources and has some good training videos and other materials. With support from the affiliate marketers’ community, it is a good product that can show you how to scale up your business. Additionally, it comes with various products, tools, and services that you can access as well, even in the free trial. Just be careful to consider the good and the bad before you sign up with them.


You could sign up with what I consider the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Platform on the Planet!

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