5 Step Commissions Review – All About Version 3.0

5 Step Commissions
5 Step Commissions
5 Step Commissions – Does it Work?

There are over 100 ways to attain success online, and all of them require a ton of steps to reach that success. However, it is possible to cut down on the number of essential steps you have to master to be successful online, to only 5 steps. In this 5 Step Commission review, we will take an in-depth look at this very interesting concept and see if it really works.

According to Phil Snipes, the creator of 5 Step Commissions, it only takes five steps to earn full time income at the convenience of your home.

In general, 5 Step Commissions 3.0 is a training program that is designed to teach affiliate marketing in five easy steps. Lets find out in the following review, if the training worth your money and time?

Understanding 5 Step Commissions 3.0 Benefits in Your Affiliate Marketing Quest

Affiliate marketing has gained popularity as a way of generating income online. It’s almost the perfect and the most convenient way to make money from anywhere, since you only need a few things to get started. Ideally, Affiliate marketers make fantastic incomes by simply promoting other people’s products. You don’t go through the rough path of speaking to customers or dealing with complaints. No products or inventory to deal with and no shipping or receiving to do. All an affiliate does is promote the products they choose, by adding affiliate links to content on their website, and hopefully accumulate commissions for each affiliate sell.

For all those reasons, it is no surprise affiliate marketing is becoming so popular and growing exponentially. Sadly, despite how simple is sounds, many people have failed to make money as an affiliate marketer. The hard truth is, online affiliate marketing is a simple business to start but getting to that point of earning some real profits is not quite as simple as people want it to be. You need to do some research and find the right help and training  to become a successful affiliate marketer!

With the launch of 5 Step Commissions 3.0, there has been lot of reviews around its effectiveness in affiliate marketing as many marketers start promoting it. For those who still wonder if 5 Step Commissions 3.0 is a scam and another waste of money, the only thing that can provide reliable answers is thorough research. It’s important not rush into any product blindly. First you should be convinced that it is something worth spending your money and time for. In spite of the numerous promising advertisements, you need to remember that investment is a risky affair and you may lose money so it is vital to be able to see through the hype. You should go through the 5 Step Commissions 3.0 reviews to see what user’s experiences were like after going through the course.

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What Features Does 5 Step Commissions 3.0 Offer?

5 Step Commissions 3.0 is designed to give you simple instructions on ways to run a profitable affiliate marketing campaign. In his training, Phil spells out the entire process in 5 simple steps. The 5 steps are taught and presented in an easy way so that even a total Newbie can understand and implement the ideas for an immediate result.

In the 5 Step Commissions, you will be taught:

  • How to create an Auto responder and a winning Capture page.
  • How to find offers from any niche where you’ll be able to make instant commissions.
  • Where to find the best Paid Traffic Sources, which will bring you gainful leads on autopilot daily.
  • To use the most up-to-date Free Traffic techniques with social media and Videos(YouTube).
  • Leadership Training that’s meant to teach you ways to convert your leads into sales.

These fives aspects form the basis of internet marketing, so it’s vital to master them to push your online affiliate marketing to the next level.

The video training covers all aspects showing you clearly and procedurally what you need to do and where you are going to go next until you are completely done. You will learn how to create, edit and optimize these videos. These videos are filmed in HD for clear visuals and can be very informative to your prospective customers.

With the 5 Step Commissions membership, you will also get access to several over the shoulder instructional videos, totaling over 120 minutes, that are simple to understand and follow. You will also find 5 additional bonuses to help you get the best out of the 5 Step Commissions. In the 5 Exclusive Free bonuses you will learn how to set up a website very quickly (minutes), how to set up a google adwords campaigns, and hopefully, learn how to convert the leads you get into autopilot sales. You’ll also learn Online Marketing 101, 7 ways to grow your business faster, and how to create a responsive list from scratch!

Let’s Have a Look at Some Frequently Asked Questions About 5 Step Commissions

Here are some commonly asked questions from the 5 Step Commissions Website:

If I need help who can I contact?
When you’re stuck or need any type of assistance, you can connect with admin on Facebook support group or contact support via email support@5stepcommissions.com and you will have one of their staff respond to you with 24-48 hours.

Is there a money back guarantee?
YES! 5 Step Commissions is a legit entity that offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren’t pleased with their services. If you genuinely apply for what is shown in the course and you do not receive any new visitor or a single lead or sale and you want your money back, you can contact support for a refund.

However, it can be beneficial if you could give this course 29 days of effort before making the decision to give up. Learning and putting these course materials into practice takes time for most people. Leads, traffic, and conversion takes patient and effort to materialize.
To qualify for refund, you have to prove that you at least went through the 5 steps and you didn’t receive any traffic clicks even after completing the course.

Are there any upsells?
NO, but some of the tools shown to you in the course have to be purchased if you don’t have the tools yourself. These tools include capture page, camera to film videos or autoresponder system, but once you subscribe you will get all the course membership materials.

Can one earn commissions by referring this course to others?
YES of course! You’ll automatically receive an instant paying affiliate link in the course. However, if you are looking to be just an affiliate, you can request links at jvzoo.com affiliate dashboard and wait for approval.

What is All This Going to Cost Me?

Surprisingly, 5 Step Commissions is a reasonably priced course for everything you get. For only $17, you will purchase right of entry to the membership area to access all the 5 essential steps for a successful affiliate marketing business. However, with more copies being sold, the price is expected to go up so it’s best if you would take advantage of the current low prices.

What About All the Upsells That Everyone Always Has?

One of the best things about this training, there are no up-sells! Everything is built in the front end so after paying the $17, you’ll be taken straight to the membership area and you’ll not be offered anything else to buy, at least from these guys. As I mentioned earlier, you may have to purchase some third party tools to get everything going.

What are the Pros and Cons With 5 Step Commissions?

⇒ 5 Step Commissions is an easy to follow course that can be easily implemented.
It appears to be a complete package; everything you need is included in the course. (Except some 3rd party tools)
⇒ Seems to be a Great Value for your money!
The Training is excellent and complete for an affiliate marketer to get things going.

The only thing that seems to annoy many users, is the design of 5 Step Commissions Home or landing page. It is dull in appearance, very simple and plain, and at first glance, it may seem to be amateur like. However, when you go through Phil’s 5 Step methods, you will find truly valuable information that will take your online affiliate marketing business to the next level.

Verdict on 5 Step Commissions – Definitely Not a SCAM

In my opinion, after doing a ton of research, I think as an affiliate marketer, you should have a better chance of earning more commissions by using 5 step commissions 3.0.

Of course, you should be aware that while we are confident that 5 Step Commissions is a quality product that has helped many affiliate marketers, it is quite obvious that most people do not complete the training. Why not? For the simple reason that lots of people are trying to find the “magic bullet to success”, or a get-rich-quick scheme, and the reality is, it just does not exist.

Success in affiliate marketing takes hard work and 5 Step Commissions is not the answer to your prayers of an easy stay at home lifestyle.

Is There a Better and More Reliable Way to Make Money Online with Great Training and All the Tools You Need?

There are a lot of ways to make money online. And there are a lot of online money making scams. Be cautious of the adds that tell you it is possible to get rich overnight or even in just a day or two. It just isn’t true.

My favorite affiliate training and webhosting site is called Wealthy Affiliate. They really have it all and their training is second to none. The cost is minimal compared to other similar sites and you can even try it out for FREE to start out. You even get to create two of your very own websites as a starter member, totally for FREE, and keep them as long as you like. You can even make money with your free sites, it just is a little harder since you won’t have the same access to everything like Premium members do.

BONUS: But, if you join Wealthy Affiliate and become a premium member in the first seven days, I will make sure you get the first month for only $19 instead of the normal charge of $49. I will also send you a welcome email with even more bonuses that I will tell you all about, if you become Premium in the first seven days.

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4 thoughts on “5 Step Commissions Review – All About Version 3.0

  1. Hi, thanks for this informative post. I had never heard of 5 Step Commissions 3.0 so it was good to ‘knowledge’ up. I still think that Wealthy Affiliate would have all of the tools that are needed or that you would get through this training with ++ other benefits such as an excellent support community and technical experts. Thanks for the post!

    1. I can’t argue with you about Wealthy Affiliate, they do have the best affiliate marketing training that I have found so far, for the price.

  2. Isn’t it sad that some people are looking for a get rich quick scheme? That fact that it’s called an online business implies that it’s going to take work. I appreciate that you are upfront with the additional costs for the additional tools required. It let’s me know that you are here to be helpful. Thank you for that. 

    Yes, you do have to put the work in. I never trust an automated system. It takes work to bring in traffic. Even though I said “work”, that doesn’t mean that it has to be hard. Affiliate marketing can be fun. I know that I get thrilled every time my traffic increases. And, I only promote products I love, so it’s more like a hobby than work. But, yes, you have to put the time in. I appreciate that you have to have gone through all of the videos before you can request your money back. This way, you’ve put the time in. 

    1. Yes, it is sad that people are so lazy, they want something to make them money for nothing. Affiliate marketing can be very profitable is you are willing to learn and put the work in.

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